903, 2016

IT Companies Celebrated International Women’s Day

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                                                                                                                                                                                      Images | Pixabay
Information Technology or IT companies are among […]

1101, 2016

7 Tips to Have a Successful IT Helpdesk

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With the advanced technology that keeps on coming to the world, people tend to have more questions about different things that involve IT. Now, let us talk about IT helpdesk. It is always in the Internet whenever you tend to search for jobs and job descriptions and to give you an idea on what is it about, it is a team which is designated to help IT users get the answers from different questions that they will ask regarding their problems which is common on technical issues.

Different kinds of businesses are having their helpdesk support because as they get bigger, […]

810, 2015

Online fraud climbs up to $19 billion by 2018 as more credit cards produce

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Online fraud has been increasing in numbers and continues to double as more credit cards produce. In the US alone, online fraud is expected to knock at $19 billion by 2018, 55% higher than that recorded last 2005 (Javelin Strategy & Research, Pleasanton, California). In the next 12 months, online fraud will be expected to increase by more than 51%.

These fraudsters move their operations online by stealing products to stores then moving to e-commerce. People who engage themselves to online fraud buy card numbers to hackers and then use these card numbers to purchase products online.

Smaller companies have the bigger […]

510, 2015

IT Outsourcing: The Continuous Growth and How It Works

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Philippines surpassed India as the leading business process outsourcing capital of the world. Studies show that IT outsourcing gradually increased by 46% since 2006 and is continuously growing as of 2015.

Outsourcing is a great option to consider in getting services without bothering additional expenses, which is why this is one of the most chosen services to staff employees.

A lot of companies and businesses are turning to Philippines to consider engaging outsourcing services, leading to a higher percentage of jobs available to Filipinos. Since IT outsourcing becomes dominant, many outsourcing companies are improving their technical and computer proficiency. One of the […]

1903, 2014

Link Building with a Small Budget to Spare? Possible!

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Link building is an important aspect of increasing the online visibility of your business. Beyond that, link building, when done right, is also an excellent tool that will protect your website against algorithm changes, improve the diversity of your site visitors and boost your search engine rankings. […]