2803, 2017

Outsourcing Trends: Small Business Should Consider Outsourcing

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Whenever we hear the word outsourcing, the first thing that comes in our mind is all about large corporations hiring people overseas to do the tasks for their company so that they can reduce costs and focus on more profitable aspects of their business. Today, even small business can outsource something that they want to let these outsourcing companies do for them. If you own a small business and you’re wondering if is it wise to outsource some parts of your business, you’re not the only person thinking about that. Have your researched for the tasks that are best to […]

2408, 2016

7 Easy tips for a successful outsourcing of your business tasks

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Do you have a plan in outsourcing your business? Thinking about handing off business tasks to an offshore company? Outsourcing is one of the keys to making your business a better one. If you have a small business you can ask for the help of some Here’s a look at seven tips for successful outsourcing for your business :

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Look on the faster growth

A growing number of companies outsource routine business tasks to free-up internal resources. This allows your own employees to focus on other, more important, responsibilities without getting tied up with extra work that can be done […]

508, 2016

Outsourcing Tips for Small Businesses

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There are some small business owners (not all of them) doesn’t know how to manage a business or everything. This makes some of the tasks are left to the experts. Not all small business can afford to outsource some. It pays a lot of attention before giving a part of your business. Here are some tips to before you get an outsourcing partner.


1. Know what are your core competencies and limits

When you are having a business, always know all of your limits, what can your company can do and cannot. “Outsource functions that are time-consuming and can easily be performed […]

1605, 2016

Top 5 Tips When Signing an Outsourcing Contract

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There are many things to consider when signing an outsourcing contract to partner with your small business. You have to read it from the top to bottom to fully understand everything written on it. Legal documents should be understood by you-the business owner to make it clear to you everything about it says on your outsourcing partnership. Signing an outsourcing contract is not difficult but you have to think about it as one of the most important step when taking your task to be outsourced to these outsourcing companies. To give you some tips on what to do when signing […]

1104, 2016

Philippines: To Become the Biggest IT-BPM / BPO Market

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Becoming the world’s biggest market for Information Technology-business process management or (IT-BPM) with the back of continued government support with more quality talents in the local labor force, Philippines is said to be confident about it. More and more bpo companies are succeeding in the Philippines. Back then when outsourcing […]

2502, 2014

Effective Steps to Establish Good Working Relationship with Your Offshore Team

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More companies are outsourcing their projects to offshore companies not only to reduce overhead costs, but also to tap into the expertise of local talents. However, not all those who have tried outsourcing offshore have had success with it. […]

1402, 2014

Essential Considerations When Evaluating an Offshore Staff Leasing Provider

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In recent years, offshore staff leasing has become a popular outsourcing delivery model for both big and small businesses worldwide. Under this arrangement, an overseas client company creates a team of full-time employees who will be tackling certain functions for the organization in an offshore location. […]

701, 2010

Boosting the Productivity of Your Offshore Leased Staff in the Philippines

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Boosting the Productivity of Your Offshore Leased Staff in the Philippines

Offshore staff leasing is a business delivery system wherein a company takes in employees from an
offshore staffing agency either for a long- or short-term basis. This setup provides a number of benefits
to organizations, including reduced expenditure costs, access to skilled labor, more flexible business
operations and improved focus on core business processes. […]