There are a lot of contents we see on the internet now. Actually, there are about 1.5 billion pieces of content, 140 million tweets and 2 million videos we create in one day. This post shows that there are a lot of data that are now a part of our knowledge because of the mobiles, computers and the web is a daily challenge.


Source | Pixabay

What are the Infographics?

Infographics are mixed of writing, design and an analysis that are the  best ideal for an age of a big data. It is also a visually compelling communication medium that is done by the communicate complex in a visual format. Infographics are one of the best ways to mix text, design and the image to represent a complex data that shows a story to be shared.


Here are some reasons why we should use infographics as a content marketing strategy:

  • Attractive and compelling

One of the main goals of using infographics is to attract your visitors. Make your visitors turn into your customers. Some visitors likes to read facts, statistics, and figures. You can the best designs and images to attract them.

  • Easily to be view, read and scanned

There are a lot of humans are more on visual. Its is 90% of the information comes to the brain are from our “optic nerve”.

  • Viral capabilities

Infographics’ attractiveness can make them easily shared on the social media. There are a lot of infographics are shared on the social media, especially if the really informative and can easily share on the social media.

  • Embeddable

When you are creating, developing, designing or even publishing infographics, the code you put on the site or WordPress blog is provided as and embedded code.

  • Can show it worldwide

Because the wide internet, you can share your infographics across the world in just a single click. The internet has a global coverage and the local printed media cannot do it. (it depends if some magazines shares the online version of it)

  • Greater Brand Awareness

If you put your own product name every time you are making infographics, it can be powerful especially if you have a very creative design or if it gets viral.

  • Easily increase the traffic

Once your infographics get “shared” or “clicked” it will immediately get a traffic instantly.

  • Good benefits for SEO

If your infographic makes a link to your site and Google will index it because of the very high page rank. It can also increase the search engine ranking.

  • An expert understanding of the subject

An infographic can display your knowledge and position of you as an expert.


Using infographics is a bit tricky because of the limited text you should put on it and you still need to have put a design on it. Infographics are really helpful especially if you want to make your business earn more traffic and can promote your website easily.