Philippine outsourcing to Cooperate with India

The Philippine outsourcing industry, or more commonly known as business process outsourcing (BPO), will be cooperating with India’s BPO industry to find ways that will complement each other instead of […]

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A Guide to Superior Outsource Customer Service

A company without decent customer service will amount to nothing in the long run. When you outsource customer service you can’t just expect them to be “the best”. Yes it […]

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Data Protection Act Important to the Philippines BPO Industry

There are 105 million Filipinos working in the BPO industry in the Philippines. The BPO industry gives its continuous helping hand to the society as it give more jobs and […]

Philippine BPO to be dethroned by China

The Philippines has been considered one of the leaders of outsourcing thanks to the young population and cheap labour. However in a recent report made by the advisory firm Tholons […]

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7 Benefits of an Outsourcing Company for Your Business

Outsourcing is the most-talked word when it comes to business strategies and partners which help enterprises to manage their daily tasks and deliver the best results efficiently. Are you still […]

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Top 5 Tips When Signing an Outsourcing Contract

There are many things to consider when signing an outsourcing contract to partner with your small business. You have to read it from the top to bottom to fully understand […]

How to Build a Better Business with Outsourcing

We are now living in the world where everyone can just start the business and use different marketing strategies to achieve their success. Marketing strategies is the biggest way of […]

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10 Things to Outsource to your Virtual Assistant

            Having a virtual assistant that can help you doing your tasks can be good but deciding which tasks to outsource to your virtual assistant can be doubtful especially […]

Triple Your Business Income with Virtual Assistants

You do not need to hire too many full-time employees when you can have virtual assistants that can work for you per hour and at a flexible time. Nowadays, outsourcing […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Outsourcing Company Advertising on Facebook

In order to attract clients, websites are created as well as different forms of advertising strategies. Now that we live in the world where people are all into social media, […]

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7 Surprising Tasks that Your Competitors are Outsourcing

Most entrepreneurs would like to do all the things when it comes to their business tasks. While they have this kind of thinking, let us face the fact that […]

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