Gender: A Factor to Consider in creating web designs


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Characteristics to Look for in a Web Developer Other Than Technical Savviness

Surprising as it may sound, a lot of businesses still do not have their own websites. For some reason, having one is not a top priority for many business owners. Unfortunately, such lack of immediacy can take a toll on the business itself. With more and more consumers taking their shopping habits online, not having a website simply means lost revenues. […]

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Link Building Tactics You Should Consider Doing for Your Website

If you are working to improve the visibility of your website, link building is something you should consider including in your online marketing arsenal. After all, this strategy always goes hand in hand with other marketing activities. Amit Singhal of Google also pointed out in an interview at SMX West 2014 that links are still valuable as they send signal to search engine algorithms about the importance of your content. […]

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Website Development: Common Mishaps Businesses Make When Setting Up Their Website

Building the online presence for your business always starts with a good website. So whether you are trying to sell a product or service or you want to showcase your portfolio, it is crucial that your website is aligned with your business’s goals and objectives and reflects the value of your brand. […]

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3 Website Development Lessons Businesses Should Learn from the US’ Health Care Website Fiasco

Early in October last year, it could be remembered that the US federal government launched to let Americans shop for insurance plans with great ease. Shortly after the site was launched, the first-ever users were frustrated by its performance. […]

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