Outsourcing has become the one stop shop for Businesses to save a ginormous amount of their valuable resources. Most small to medium enterprises nowadays have chosen to offshore some of their business tasks. Even bigger enterprises have also started to adopt this marketing trend.

Start up businesses and small time enterprises are the ones to benefit the most from outsourcing. Why? Because, it is somewhat impossible to magnify their resources considering how ample and limited they have. Nonetheless, this may have a great effect on their business output and at the same time, the employee’s effectivity. However, through the use of outsourcing, it is actually possible. 

Although outsourcing has become famously known around the world as it is considered to be cost effective. There are still business owners who remain skeptical in offshore outsourcing. Here are a few of their common concerns:

  • They are not completely in control of the outsourced work- If you outsource a certain project, the people you have hired are the ones responsible for it. Although you may not closely monitor them, know that you can always ask for updates to keep you in track on the project’s current state.
  • The company’s confidentiality might be at stake- It’s true that when you outsource, it is inevitable to give confidential information to your chosen outsourcing company. This is really necessary to achieve a successful outcome. However, know that the Philippines coheres to the Republic of Act No. 10173, also known as The Data Privacy Act of 2012.
  • They are not Native English Speakers- While this remains true in all forms, you also need to know that 92% of the Philippine population can converse in English because it is considered as their second language. In 2017, Philippines was on the top 3 Asian countries that has the most number of population who can speak the language fluently.

As an entrepreneur, it is normal for you to think of the possible risks once you decide to outsource. This is why we have created a list of guidelines for you to consider before you hire a third party to do some work for your business:

Be Precise

Be clear and specific, remember that since you are dealing with people from the other side of the world, communication barrier is inevitable. It is important that you specify what kind of service/s your business needs.

Be Rational

Do not set impossible deadlines nor demand unrealistic results. Although you are hiring well experienced professionals in a cheaper price, remember that they are not magicians. Be realistic and keep in mind that you are still working with humans.


Do not just immediately hire anyone. Know that there are tons of outsourcing companies available out there. You need to have the best solution for your business and also the right people who are perfect for your business’ core functionality. Investigate and rather choose the company that has been in the business for a longer time. Take a look at their portfolio and client reviews, then decide.

Pay the Right Prize

The common reason why companies choose to outsource some of their tasks is to save money. However, for business owners who choose to outsource, know that you should pay your hired workers the right price that they deserve.

Although outsourcing in the Philippines gives you an advantage because you are able to save a lot of money rather than if you are to hire an employee in your country, you also need to consider that these people have invested their own money and effort to improve in their profession.

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