For-Small-Businesses-The-Key-Tasks-to-OutsourceFor Small Businesses: The Key Tasks to Outsource

The Huffington Post names five key tasks that small business owners should delegate to another individual or firm. If you are a small business owner, these are what you should outsource. Letting another person or company take over these tasks will allow you to focus your efforts in growing your business, instead of spending a lot of time handling other aspects of operation. Listed below are the five key tasks.


If your main goal is to grow one’s business, naturally you must push the company to do or produce more. To have more output than before, your company will require more workers. Small businesses usually do not have the budget to hire more people, and forcing the existing workforce to produce more will result in overworked laborers and in turn, goods or commodities that are of lower quality.

It is therefore a good idea to outsource labor or production to another company in order to meet higher demand. By outsourcing this, any small business can have more customers without putting too much of a burden on their employees.

Customer Service

With more production comes more customers, and having more customers means having more inquiries to answer and concerns to address. If you serve as the first point of contact for each and every customer the company has, you will have to spend most of your time just answering calls and replying to emails. While customer service is important, it need not be handled by the company owner. Indeed, small businesses like yours should either assign one individual to handle all customer-related work or outsource the task to a third party company that specializes in customer service.

Book Keeping

Without a doubt, an administrative finance task like book keeping is important. Without this, a company will not be able to keep track of financial transactions like sales and purchases day in and day out. As important as book keeping is, it is not something a business owner should handle personally. This, along with other administrative finance tasks, should be outsourced to another firm. However, if you do outsource this, you should take time to review accounts payable and receivable.

IT Support

Expertise in IT is something many businesses do not have in-house. If your business is one of them, obviously you need to look somewhere else for software-related services, among other things. It would save you more money to delegate the responsibility to another person in your company, but what you will pay to the IT outsourcing firm will be a worthy investment.

Social Media

All businesses, regardless of size, need to make use of social media to put themselves out there and be a step closer to their target audience. Posting on Facebook and Twitter may seem easy enough, but these take a lot of time too. While you should pay attention to the message your company is sending, you need not handle all the social media accounts. Outsource social media marketing, along with content creation, for best results.