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We deploy our sales and marketing expertise to work for your company by analyzing your business goals and obstacles so we can provide the appropriate solution. Your company will get improved results Whether you get a single agent or a team because we believe in the performance of our people and our system. Moreover, our agent will have no problem working as a new member to your existing sales team.

Direct Marketing

Most businesses rely on direct marketing simply because its cost-effective form of advertising. Direct marketing service from PrimeOutsourcing aims at increasing sales from your customers, build customer loyalty, re-establish interest on lost customers and generating new business.

  • Lead Generation and Appointment Setting
    New leads? We'll keep your calendar full of qualified business opportunities.
  • Lead Nurturing
    Prospect not yet ready to buy? We'll do the follow up for you.
  • Phone Invitation
    We will handle the time-consuming task of dialing and inviting people.
  • Phone Survey
    Do you need someone to do phone survey? We love to work on this.
  • Tradeshow Leads Follow-up
    We will help you close the sale after you got their attention on the trade floor.
  • Direct Mail Campaign
    We'll send your package and deliver it right to your client's door.

Sales Support

PrimeOutsourcing Sales Support Service includes Live Chat and Live Assistants for your website. Our sales support specialists will provide top notch customer assistance 24/7.

  • Live Chat We'll walk your clients through your website and answer questions in real-time.
  • Live Assistants Our online secretary will take care the rest of your schedule.
  • Order Taking We'll take orders and answer queries from your customers.
  • Travel Reservation We'll handle the 24/7 bookings.

Advantages of Call Center Outsourcing

  • The Philippines is a premier location for outsourced call center services alongside India, China, and Bulgaria
  • Our call center agents are highly proficient both in oral and written English
  • Our agents are trained in accent-neutral spoken English preferred by Western clientele
  • Outsourcing call center services lets you focus on the core operations of your business, while reducing operational costs at the same time

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