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Data Processor

Are you overwhelmed because of the considerable amount of data to be processed? Thanks to the data processing staff of PrimeOutsourcing, you need not stress over an information overload. Our data processors are fully capable of taking care of the responsibility, and getting their services will allow you to focus on the core matters of your business. Let PrimeOutsourcing help you address your concerns efficiently.

Expertise and Skills
  • file conversion
  • document scanning
  • spell checking
  • data transcription
  • audio transcription
  • video transcription
  • language translation
  • and other related tasks
Back Office Outsourcing

More administrative functions means less time rendered on the core tasks of your business. Do not let them hamper your operations. We have a pool of staff who can handle the back office functions of your company.

Accountant – Tackling accounting reports, payroll, taxation, receivable collections, internal auditing and cash management can be both difficult and time consuming. We have professional

Recruitment Specialist – Staffing talent entails a lot of time, effort and internal HR costs. By assigning the task to our professional recruitment specialists, we can expedite the entire hiring procedure and supply your company with qualified employees, while keeping your costs low.

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