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PrimeOutsourcing can provide staffing services for your design needs. Our staff can do tasks like creating an attractive logo for your business, compelling websites, flashy online ads, catchy banners, or any other work design related you have in mind.

Staffing Recommendations

Graphic Designer

This staff can do any graphic design deliverables. Expertise includes corporate identity, brochures, E-book, business cards, and other online of offline visual aides.

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Web Designer

If you need a staff to create your company's website or other web related designs then, you need to hire this person. Simple, flashy, dynamic websites, banners, squeese pages, landing pages are some of tasks that can be done

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Flash Designer

A staff who is someone who can create flash components, flash websites, flash banners, flash ads, online flash presentations.

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Advantages of Design Outsourcing

  • Designers have honed artistic methodology through years of experience backed up with the innate creative drive of Filipinos
  • All designers are up to date with the latest trend and techniques in the industry
  • Overhead and operational costs can be reduced down to 70%
  • All designers are highly capable of conforming to clients' demands
  • Outsourced web designers are ready for deployment
  • Outsourced web designers allow maximum production flexibility
  • Your hired staff report progress to you directly

Case Studies

We have helped a lot of companies in their design needs. From designing offline visual aides such as brochures and business cards, to creating web-based deliverables such as logos, templates and websites, our web designers are sure to give whatever our clients need.


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