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Offshore Staff Leasing of Prime Outsourcing

One of the most ideal solutions for this business problem is that of staff leasing. Through staff leasing, start-up, small, and medium-sized businesses can oversee the day to day operations of their enterprise at low-priced fees, while receiving high-end solutions to their needs. Our Webmasters, Graphic designers, Web developrs, Programmers, Creative Writers, SEO consultants, Online support, technical and call center agents, Data processors and Multimedia artists are among the cream of the crop of the IT.

Contact Center Outsourcing

Overseas companies are taking their contact centers offshore. These companies knew that its cost effective and improves their bottomline. Small to medium sized businesses can also adopt these strategy for them to compete and at the same time look world class.

  • Call Center Agent
    Sales campaigns whether outbound or inbound can be handled by this agent. Using predictive dialer and a CRM complements every campaign
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  • Contact Center Agent
    Good written and spoken English. An agent who can attend to your company's toll free numbers. This agent can help with your customer service
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  • Online Support Agent
    An agent who will handle online help desk, online ticketing system. Hiring this person is your good choice
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  • Online Community Moderator
    If you run a forum or board that requires constant moderation to avoid abuse or spamming then, this staff can do the job
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  • Technical Support Agent
    Helping customers in troubleshooting, assisting end-users, educate the callers are some of the duties and responsibilities of this agent
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Design Outsourcing

Prime Outsourcing can provide staffing services for your design needs. Our staff can do tasks like creating an attractive logo for your business, compelling websites, flashy online ads, catchy banners, or any other work design related you have in mind.

  • Graphic Designer
    This staff can do any graphic design deliverables. Expertise includes corporate identity, brochures, E-book, business cards, and other online of offline visual aides.
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  • Web Designer
    If you need a staff to create your company's website or other web related designs then, you need to hire this person. Simple, flashy, dynamic websites, banners, squeese pages, landing pages are some of tasks that can be done.
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  • Flash Designer
    A staff who is someone who can create flash components, flash websites, flash banners, flash ads, online flash presentations.
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Development Outsourcing

Prime Outsourcing provides staffing services for your development needs. Some of our staff expertise includes software development, client server programs, webmaster scripts, internet applications, web panel, CMS, plug-ins, publishing system, online tools and the likes.

  • Web Developer
    This staff have the skills and experience making programs and applications using open source or proprietary development platforms
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  • Programmer
    This person have the skills and experience creating programs that are not web based. Examples are simple accounting system, timekeeping, windows or linux installed programs
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  • Webmaster
    Do you have a few website and looking to add more or you already have many websites and you need an assistant to maintain them?
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  • Creative Writer
    Do you need compelling texts for your websites? Or looking on something to put on your sales letter, or in need of a product review, article written, press releases? then, this staff is what you're looking for
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  • Link Builder
    Time-intensive... Frustrating. Sometimes confusing. Yet Unavoidable. Outsource your link building
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Web Marketing Outsourcing

Prime Outsourcing can help you promote your products and services online. As more and more companies and individuals are now using the world wide web (www) as their new advertising medium ; we make sure you don't get left behind. Our staff are equipped with the latest information and tools to help you succeed online.

Web marketing service from Prime Outsourcing will help your company turn the internet as a new advertising medium. Our Web marketing experts will adapt proven web marketing strategies.

  • Online Marketing Consultant
    This post requires tasks like social networking, link building, submission, bookmarking and other basic repetitive jobs
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  • SEO Consultant
    Improve the volume or quality of traffic to your websites from search engines via natural or organic search results
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Back Office Outsourcing

Outsourcing your backoffice functions like processing AP/AR, bookeeping, payroll preparations, and recruitment of your offshore manpower with Prime Outsourcing will not only lower your overhead cost but also increases productivity.

  • Accountant
    You can also outsource accounting works to us because of similar accounting procedures being practiced here and abroad
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  • Recruitment Specialist
    With a degree in Human Resources. This person can help you in search, filter, test, and qualify applicants to fill out a vacancy
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  • Data Processor
    If you require a person to handle repetitive various tasks like data encoding, typing, data conversion, scanning then this type of staff can help you
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