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PrimeOutsourcing provides staffing services for your development needs. Some of our staff expertise includes software development, client server programs, webmaster scripts, internet applications, web panel, CMS, plug-ins, publishing system, online tools and the likes.

Staffing Recommendations

Web Developer

This staff have the skills and experience making programs and applications using open source or proprietary development platforms

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This person have the skills and experience creating programs that are not web based. Examples are simple accounting system, timekeeping, windows or linux installed programs

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Do you have a few website and looking to add more or you already have many websites and you need an assistant to maintain them?

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Advantages of Development Outsourcing

  • Our staff members are products of the Philippines' excellent IT educational system
  • Experienced web developers went through rigorous training and extensive work experience
  • 70% savings from overhead and operational costs
  • Outsourced web development foster a more competitive environment. A more competitive environment means more productivity
  • Excellent web development service quality
  • Outsourced web development offers less bureaucracy
  • Your hired staff report directly to you

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