Securing access rights of net users through understanding and knowledge of user account moderation and management of content.

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At present, user account moderation and content management has never been so important. In a time when almost everyone has a blog and everybody can post comments in forums, the exchange of ideas and messages can be out of control: Internet users often resort to tactless statements and inappropriate language. Another common problem in cyberspace right now are copyright violations; sadly, plagiarism has become commonplace on the Web. For a website to maintain its integrity, it is necessary to have a good webmaster in charge of screening all content, and one can find such webmaster at PrimeOutsourcing.

Expertise and Skills

  • Website maintenance
  • CMS operator
  • Sending and replying emails
  • Updating of website pages
  • Website statistics and analysis
  • And other related tasks

Offshore Staff Leasing

PrimeOutsourcing has a team of professional webmasters who specialize in user account moderation and content management for all kinds of clients. Moreover, they are capable of designing and developing websites; they can also guarantee that whoever uses the site will have no problem navigating it. Without a doubt, hiring a webmaster from us will be highly beneficial, particularly for commercial sites.

Junior Webmaster

  • 1-2 year experience as full-time Web Developer
  • Functional knowledge PHP & MySQL

Senior Webmaster

  • At least 3 years experience as full-time Web Developer
  • Solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Know how to fire up the Inspector and fix issues on a web page


We charge a monthly flat rate for full-time Webmaster. Upon receiving your inquiry, we will evaluate and let you know whether a junior or senior level staff is suited on the job. We also provide part-time Webmaster or hourly based Webmaster.


Please browse our frequently asked questions page if you have questions about our Webmaster Offshore Staff Leasing. You can also fill out the form below if you need more information about our Webmaster Outsourcing.

  • Our webmasters can manage clients’ websites efficient, maintaining and increasing productivity

  • Cost-efficient alternative

  • Webmasters underwent thorough screening process and training

  • Our webmasters will keep sensitive information privately and securely

  • Outsourcing lets you focus on core competencies such as managing resources and finance

  • Staff members report to you directly daily

Development Outsourcing

Searching for other experts for your development projects? We have a group of development professionals who can deliver the best solutions for your requirements.

Web Developer – Websites serve as the backbone businesses online. So ensure yours is designed with functionality, style, accessibility and flexibility in mind. Our team of web developers can deliver all these to you in no time.

Programmer – A successful website requires excellent workings under the hood. We boast a team of expert programmers who can render websites that integrate with business objectives and can perform dynamic functions.

Contact Info

PrimeOutsourcing Inc. 6/F Aster Business Center Mandala Park, 312 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City Metro Manila 1550

US/Canada: (850) 937-7321
International: +63 (939) 409 7272

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