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PrimeOutsourcing is an offshore staff leasing company based in Manila, Philippines dedicated to resolving your business challenges. Our commitment is to serve enterprises of all sizes, offering comprehensive services that empower you to scale your business.

We facilitate seamless and rapid business growth, providing a wide range of solutions, including offshore staff leasing, seat leasing, project outsourcing, virtual captives, and BPO services. Our skilled workforce excels in managing office tasks, administrative functions, web development, graphic design, and more.

We’re redefining outsourcing – placing emphasis on the success of both our clients and employees. We take pride in ensuring that every step we take is geared towards achieving success. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in reaching new heights!

Offshore Staff Leasing

Offshore staff leasing is the core service offered by PrimeOutsourcing[..]
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Project Outsourcing

Through project outsourcing, you can employ our staff and tap[…]
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Prime Service Packs

For companies establishing a wholly owned subsidiary as an extension of the […]
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Virtual Captives

Offshore staff leasing is the core service offered by PrimeOutsourcing[..]
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Why Choose PrimeOutsourcing?

Our primary objective is to offer businesses globally access to exceptional staff and seat leasing services, along with a wide range of BPO and IT solutions.

Lower Overhead and Manpower Costs

We offer cost-effective and reliable services. Our comprehensive business solutions boost organizational efficiency and support business growth.

Flexible Monthly Contract

We provide you with a one-week window to cancel your contract before the upcoming month’s due date. 

Adaptable Staffing Solutions

Our team comprises a wide array of talented workers to cater to your staffing needs.

Competent Technical and Management Team

We have supervisors and project managers to ensure that the assigned staff works to deliver the best results possible.

Fast Deployment of Skilled Staff

We have a team of professionals to deliver the right solutions for your business.

Focus on Core Business

You can focus on the core functions of your business while we provide continuous support and services fostering efficient business processes.

Our Prime BPO Services

Expand your business through strategic outsourcing with us! We specialize in offshore staff leasing, seat leasing, comprehensive back office services, and an array of additional solutions tailored to your needs.


We manage your company’s assets and maintain accurate financial records and comprehensive reports for the company.

Data Processing

We guarantee a seamless processing of company data by organizing and optimizing databases.

Web Development

We build high-quality, customized websites, ensuring a strong online presence and optimal user experience.

Call Center

We provide a skilled workforce proficient in customer service, enabling you to effectively promote your products and services to a broader audience.

Digital Marketing

We craft materials for online optimization, brand visibility, and targeted engagement to meet your business goals.


We create visually engaging, user-friendly digital assets for lasting impact and engagement.

Content Writing

We develop useful content to provide your business with relevant information about your products and services.

Seat Leasing

We offer a flexible, cost-effective solution for fully-equipped office spaces, enabling efficient scaling.

Human Resource

We optimize HR functions, letting you focus on core operations while ensuring talent management and compliance.

Prime Outsourcing by the Numbers

Over the years, we has been providing hundreds of businesses with excellent services.
Outsourcing Service Provider
IT, Marketing, and Back Office.
based in Australia, Canada, and United States.


Blog, Company News and Events

Giving you regular updates on our company and the services we provide. Including news, trends, how-tos, and insights in the outsourcing industry.
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Primeoutsourcing Brochure

Our management team is composed of competent individuals with years of experience in the field of Information Technology.
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Referral and Affiliate Program

Get any of our quality services for a discount by participating in our referral program. Refer a friend to us and enjoy more savings!
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Client Testimonials

“PrimeOutsourcing has been an instrumental feature in assisting my design company to move up to a higher level. They have provided excellent support and their candidates are top-notch. I’m very pleased with the staff that PrimeOutsourcing has assigned me to and I’m looking forward to expand my team with them.”
“I have been leasing around 20 staff with PrimeOutsourcing for over 2 years now. They handle most of my projects in SEO, dating sites and social site marketing. The management people are top notch and reliable. I highly recommend them to online entrepreneurs out there!”
“I’ve been very satisfied with Prime Outsourcing. They are professional, attentive and reliable. I recommend them as a smart offshore solution.”
“I trust Prime Outsourcing to find my company smart, competent and hard working employees. They professionally manage my team on a daily basis and provide world class service.”

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