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Outsourcing Back Office Functions

Many multinational companies have set up offices in our country, understanding how outsourcing back-office tasks boosts competitiveness. This shows their dedication to improving efficiency and staying ahead in the global market.

Back Office Outsourcing

Optimizing your business by entrusting us with tasks such as AP/AR processing, bookkeeping, payroll preparations, and offshore manpower recruitment not only lowers overhead costs but also amplifies productivity. 

With PrimeOutsourcing, efficiency is elevated, and your company can reap the benefits of streamlined operations and enhanced financial performance.

Staffing Recommendations


Outsource your accounting tasks, benefiting from streamlined processes and improved efficiency.

Human Resource

Our staff are equipped to assist you in searching and qualifying applicants to effectively fill your positions.

Data Processor

You can outsource a spectrum of repetitive tasks such as data encoding, typing, data conversion, and scanning.

Advantages of Back Office Outsourcing

  • We have competent staff who went through extensive training to help you in any back office niche.
  • With our high-quality services, your overhead and operational costs can be reduced by 70%.
  • We have fixed operational costs to ensure the stability and predictability of your business.
  • We guarantee that your sensitive information is secure and kept confidential at all times.
  • Paperwork is also kept minimum and we will directly send daily reports to update you.

Case Studies

Leverage our proven expertise in catering to diverse back office requirements, where our seasoned team of accountants, data processors, and human resource staff stands ready to assist you.

From managing accounts and tracking invoices to maintaining seamless customer communication, we are equipped to handle tasks of any scale, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.
Taking on a Martial Arts Organization’s Billing Transactions Head OnMORE CASE STUDIES

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my company information and other sensitive data remain confidential?

    Yes. At PrimeOutsourcing, we uphold honor and credibility. Each staff you hire are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement that ensures no data is disclosed under any circumstance.

  • After termination of my contract with your company, what happens to my data?

    After termination, we would surrender all account information and data including passwords, source codes, customer information, etc. For your own security and convenience, we would require you to reset all your password after the project has been finished. PrimeOutsourcing will not be liable to any related damage to your company after the contract period.

  • Will my data be safe from hackers, viruses, or even electrical disruptions?

    Yes. We assure that every computer in our office are enforced with the latest online security features, as well as with updated anti-virus software. Our office building also has sufficient backup power that can provide electricity during sudden blackouts.

  • Do you have a secure Internet connection?

    We currently have several Internet connections available from different premier service providers in the Philippines today. This is to ensure that our connectivity is seamless no matter the circumstances an Internet service provider may be facing. We also have an in-house technical support team that tends to any technical difficulties at hand.

  • I am searching for someone who can take care of my billing and sending invoices to delinquent clients. CLould your staff handle the job?

    Definitely. Our back office professionals are well versed with the common business practices of today and can very well handle clients of any and every disposition.

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