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Outsource your back office functions

Most multinational companies already have centers here in the country. They knew how outsourcing one’s back office functions improves competitiveness.

Back Office

Outsourcing your backoffice functions like processing AP/AR, bookeeping, payroll preparations, and recruitment of your offshore manpower with PrimeOutsourcing will not only lower your overhead cost but also increases productivity

Staffing Recommendations

Advantages of Back Office Outsourcing

  • Competent accountants, recruitment specialists, data processors, and other back office staff went through extensive training to take on any back office niche
  • Overhead and operational costs can be reduced by 70%
  • Fixed operational costs
  • Sensitive information are secure and kept confidential
  • Paperwork are kept at minimum
  • Daily reports are sent to you directly

Case Studies

We have helped plenty of clients with their back office needs. Our experienced staff of accountants, data processors and recruitment specialists can help you manage your accounts, keep track of invoices and maintain communication with customers. No task is too big or small for us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my company information and other sensitive data remain confidential?2018-10-18T18:28:22+00:00
After termination of my contract with your company, what happens to my data?2018-10-18T18:28:53+00:00
Will my data be safe from hackers, viruses, or even electrical disruptions?2018-10-18T18:29:31+00:00
Do you have a secure Internet connection?2018-10-18T18:30:06+00:00
I am searching for someone who can take care of my billing and sending invoices to delinquent clients. Could your staff handle the job?2018-10-18T18:30:45+00:00

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