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Contact Center Services and Contact Center Outsourcing

Attract new customers and maintain existing ones by offering top-notch customer service. Let PrimeOutsourcing help you provide contact center services your customers will love.

Contact Center

Overseas companies are taking their contact centers offshore. These companies knew that its cost effective and improves their bottomline. Small to medium sized businesses can also adopt these strategy for them to compete and at the same time look world class.

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Advantages of Contact Center Outsourcing

  • English-proficient telemarketers polished their craft through extensive training and years of experience
  • All agents have neutral accents preferred by Western nations
  • Contact center agents are courteous and approachable
  • Overhead and operational costs can be reduced by 70%, while increasing productivity drastically
  • Excellent and efficient service quality
  • Sensitive information about your clients secure with outsourced contact centers
  • All contact agents are supervised by in-office supervisors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would your company allow us to train your staff according to our preference?2018-10-18T19:16:48+00:00
Are your staff perfectly proficient with oral and written English? How about other languages?2018-10-18T19:18:14+00:00
Do you use predictive dialer system such as VICIDIAL?2018-10-18T19:18:44+00:00
Do we give you the leads, or is your company capable of creating leads for us?2018-10-18T19:19:22+00:00
Upon inquiry, how long will it take until we can initiate our telemarketing campaign?2018-10-18T19:20:17+00:00
I’m based in the United States, however I’d like to operate in Canada. Would that be possible?2018-10-18T19:20:43+00:00
For recruitment, what is your screening process?2019-04-10T18:02:41+00:00

Every contact center staff hired by Prime Outsourcing went through an extensive screening process. Specialized exams, and personal and professional background checks are performed to ensure employee integrity.

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