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Call Center

Our call center outsourcing experts will streamline your customer interactions, enhance service quality, and drive operational efficiency. We guarantee to elevate your customer support to new heights while focusing on your core business objectives.
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Call Center Outsourcing

In the continuously growing landscape of customer service, PrimeOutsourcing has everything you need for your call center outsourcing needs. We are dedicated to leveraging our extensive sales and marketing strategies to propel your company toward unprecedented success.

Our agents work in collaboration with your sales team to enhance the success of your company. We’ll collaborate seamlessly for our common objectives and help you reach your full potential. This partnership will surely have a long-lasting impact on your sales and marketing goals.

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Direct Marketing

Most businesses rely on direct marketing simply because its cost-effective form of advertising. Direct marketing service from PrimeOutsourcing aims at increasing sales from your customers, build customer loyalty, re-establish interest on lost customers and generating new business.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

New leads? We’ll keep your calendar full of qualified business opportunities.

Phone Survey

Do you need someone to do phone survey? We love to work on this.

Phone Invitation

We will handle the time-consuming task of dialing and inviting people.

Tradeshow Leads Follow-up

We will help you close the sale after you got their attention on the trade floor.

Lead Nurturing

Prospect not yet ready to buy? We’ll do the follow up for you.

Direct Mail Campaign

We’ll send your package and deliver it right to your client’s door.

Sales Support

PrimeOutsourcing Sales Support Service includes Live Chat and Live Assistants for your website. Our sales support specialists will provide top notch customer assistance 24/7.

Live Chat

We’ll walk your clients through your website and answer questions in real-time.

Live Assistants

Our online secretary will take care the rest of your schedule.

Order Taking

We’ll take orders and answer queries from your customers.

Travel Reservation

We’ll handle the 24/7 bookings.

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Advantages of Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing offers several advantages for businesses looking to enhance their customer support and streamline operations. Here are some key advantages:

Cost Savings:

We can reduce your operational costs related to hiring, training, and managing in-house customer support teams.

Focus on Core Competencies:

By outsourcing non-core functions like customer support, you can redirect your resources and energy toward core activities.

Access to Skilled Agents:

We have a pool of trained and experienced customer service agents to ensure that your customers receive high-quality support from professionals who understand your industry and specific needs.

Improved Efficiency:

You can increase your business efficiency and productivity through call center outsourcing with us. We use optimized processes and technology to handle customer inquiries quickly and effectively.

Access to Advanced Technology:

We invest in state-of-the-art technology, including customer relationship management (CRM) systems, analytics tools, and call routing software to ensure that customer interactions are managed efficiently and data is leveraged effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For recruitment, what is your screening process?

    Every contact center staff hired by PrimeOutsourcing went through an extensive screening process. Specialized exams, and personal and professional background checks are performed to ensure employee integrity.

  • Are your staff perfectly proficient with oral and written English? How about other languages?

    All our employees are well versed with the English language as well as its culture. Unfortunately, none of our current staff are eloquent with other foreign languages such as French, Mandarin, German, etc.

  • Do you use predictive dialer system such as VICIDIAL?

    Yes. Predictive dialer systems such as Vicidial would be advantageous for us and your needs.

  • Do we give you the leads, or is your company capable of creating leads for us?

    Do we give you the leads, or is your company capable of creating leads for us?

  • Upon inquiry, how long will it take until we can initiate our telemarketing campaign?

    Our well capable contact center staff can immediately begin working for you once all agreements are settled (contracts, conditions, payments, etc.).

  • I’m based in the United States, however I’d like to operate in Canada. Would that be possible?

    Definitely. Being an offshore staff leasing agency, we have the ability to work anywhere in the world through the latest online technological advances.

  • Would your company allow us to train your staff according to our preference?

    Yes. Upon hiring employees, you can immediately train your staff to ensure top performance.

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