About Us

PrimeOutsourcing is compose of competent individuals with years of experience in the field of Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing.

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Who We Are

PrimeOutsourcing is a Philippine-based offshore staff leasing provider, involved in the BPO, IT consulting, and outsourcing industries. We cater to all companies that are interested to set up their business in the Philippines and offer a wide variety of top-notch industry solutions, each designed to suit certain market segments.

Our main objective is to continually provide our clients with the best business solutions to help them improve their productivity and drive them to achieve success. It is also our aim to deliver services that meet or even exceed client expectations at prices they can afford.

To achieve these objectives, we combine our highly-skilled staff with innovative technologies, thereby assuring our clients that they have a team of efficient staff working for them that will allow them to focus on their company’s top priorities.

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What We Do

We understand that every business needs indvidual approach to ensure the success of their enterprise, and thus we identify BPO, IT consulting, and outsourcing solutions suitable for this specific requirements. We offer a variety of services that include web design and web development, seat leasing, back office support, web marketing and contact center services.

With our competency and ingenuity in business processing, we assure our clients that every cent they spend will not be misplaced, and all their expectations will be delivered in an effective and timely manner. Given this fact, they can set out to achieve their company’s goals and expend funds in other fundamental processes to achieve success.

Our Staff

PrimeOutsourcing strongly believes that the cooperation of great minds is what drives a business to success, which is why we only hire individuals who have the skills and heart for the job. We make it a point that all our employees are highly skilled, responsible and innovative specialists and are willing to perform their assigned tasks at their best in order to meet client expectations.

To ensure that we uphold the highest standards of the industry, we provide our staff with a promising career and competitive packages. Their learning process does not end after job placement; we administer in-house trainings and seminars as a means to continuously hone their knowledge and skills in handling a wide variety of projects assigned to them; to create a dynamic working environment that is essential to establish cooperation among colleagues; and to maintain work ethic and grow personally and professionally — all the attributes that signify Prime quality.

Contact us today and let us discuss the endless possibilities that PrimeOutsourcing can bring to your business.