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Creating, Maintaining and Optimizing Numerous Websites

The Client

The client is an online marketing director of a web development company that caters to the medical industry. The websites the company make will serve as platforms for doctors and medical personnel to expand their reach across the globe and all over the Internet. The websites also help users access important information in the various fields of medicine.

Even if the client already had experience in web development, SEO practices and social media, he felt overwhelmed with all the tasks he had to do. Because he wanted focus on online marketing, he wanted to look for people who will help him in the web development aspect of his websites.

The Prime Solution

The client approached PrimeOutsourcing in February 2011 searching for a web developer capable of developing, maintaining and optimizing websites for his customers, as well as create his company’s and his personal websites. Luckily, PrimeOutsourcing offers affordable web outsourcing services ready for these types of business needs.

Our company recommended the services of a Junior Web Developer and he started work on the client’s projects on February 16, 2011.

Our web developer was able to finish the easier tasks within 30 minutes while the more complex ones were finished within a week. Among his tasks were creating and developing websites from web design templates; create websites using various programming languages such as HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and XML; and use WordPress as the website’s CMS platform.

Our developer was also asked to do site management and maintenance by handling the client’s email marketing accounts, debugging existing websites, making sure of cross-browser compatibility of websites, and customizing existing websites according to the client’s preferences.

The Results:

The client was truly satisfied with the work done by our developer and our web outsourcing services. Not only was the client’s operational efficiency improved but he was also able to reduce overhead costs. He continues to avail of the company’s services up to this day.

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