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Case Studies

Learn more about what we do from the projects we did, and see how we contribute to our client’s businesses.

Increasing Productivity, Efficiency, and Profitability with PrimeOutsourcing

The Clients

The client owns a small Texas-based limited liability company that provides web development solutions to both local and international customers. Because the company only has a small team, they could not handle all of the tasks that were coming their way and sometimes, they even failed to deliver the desired output.

The client decided to outsourced certain functions to improve the company’s efficiency and increase profitability at the same time. 

The Prime Solution

The client initially contacted PrimeOutsourcing searching for a capable team of web designers who can develop integrated websites from scratch, and a writer who can create informative and interesting web content.

On July 15, 2011, the client hired a team that consisted of two Junior Web Designers and one Junior Creative Writer. Our web designers were asked to create websites that featured a variety of products and services such as baby cribs, furniture, home generators, travel and women’s shoes. Furthermore, our designer used the latest graphic editing software which allow them to create the websites without taking up too much time.

Meanwhile, our creative writer was tasked to write informative, original and keyword-rich articles. These articles will help the websites become more visible and earn a higher ranking in the results page of search engines.

Using careful and skillful online research, our creative writer was able to produce between 3,000 to 4,000 words a day. The length of the articles depended on how hard the topic is or the nature of the article.Examples of articles that the client requested included blog entries, how-to guides, and product reviews.

By using email and Skype, the client was able to maintain communication with his team. If the output needed tweaks or revisions, the team was able to accommodate the client’s requests immediately. All of them could access the finished products through cloud storage systems such as Dropbox.

The Results

With help from PrimeOutsourcing, the client was able to launch more than 20 websites in a matter of months. All of these websites are integrated with eye-catching graphic layouts and interesting web content. We were able to help the client increase both his productivity and profit margins.

He is set to resume full time services with our skilled staff this 2012.