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Launching a New Mobile Application With The Help of Persuading Telemarketing

The Client

The client is a software developer based in Victoria, Australia. He creates and develops revolutionary mobile applications that are aimed to make a person’s social life easier.

The client is the owner of an iPhone application that gives Australians a more convenient way to find the nearest bargains in the user’s immediate vicinity. The app works by enabling the device’s Location Services to look for prime store locations via geo-tracking. The app aims to cover various products and services such as clothing, beauty care, sports equipment, restaurants and cafes, and petrol services. The company claims that “if it involves a price and a sale, we will have it”.

The client envisions that this app can potentially help entrepreneurs save on advertising costs and efforts. With a lot of iPhone users in Australia today, this app can be an important communication and marketing tool for business owners who want to effectively and instantly spread the word about new products or clearance sales.

However, before this app can be launched to the public, the client has to develop a vast clientele all over Australia that can and will advertise their respective stores, prices and sales on his mobile app.

The Prime Solution

The client tried the call center outsourcing services of PrimeOutsourcing in order to attract potential investors. He needed dedicated people who can look for and set appointments with potential clients from Sydney and its neighboring cities and towns. He requested the services of two call center agents who can come up with a list of potential customers, contact them and set up appointments with them so that the client’s local team can initiate business talks immediately.

Because the main office of PrimeOutsourcing is in a good location, it was very accessible for the client’s employees and onshore supervisor. The workstations the company provided were well- equipped with the latest Windows OS and licensed software needed to start the project.

Work on the project started on September 10, 2009 and when the product training was done, the campaign proper commenced. Our skilled staff members were asked to generate and finalize 8 to 10 appointments daily, which they happily obliged.

The Results:

Within months of getting call center outsourcing services from Prime Outsourcing, the client was able to get the investors he needed to launch his mobile app. Aside from being a powerful advertisement tool for businesses in Australia, it was also a cost-efficient one. Entrepreneurs can advertise on the mobile app for only AU$ 2.50 a day. The client ceased leasing services with Prime Outsourcing after his company reached the ideal number of investors.

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