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Performing Telemarketing to Create a Household Name

The Client

The client is a company that provides cleaning and maintenance services based in Brooklyn, New York. Aside from their primary services, the company also offers marble cleaning and restoration, and cleaning and repairing foreclosed properties. They cater to various commercial buildings around the area.

The company wanted to expand its clientele to include the areas between Brooklyn Manhattan, Brooklyn Queens, 5th Avenue and Park Avenue. However, because there are a lot of competition in the market, the company realized that traditional marketing methods will not be effective.

Looking for alternative marketing strategies to capture their target market, the company thought about hiring the services of a local call center. However, they soon realized that this is not a cost-effective solution.

The Prime Solution

The client contacted PrimeOutsourcing searching for an offshore call center team that can perform efficient and profitable telemarketing tasks for the company’s services. After making inquiries and ironing out the details, the deal was made in early May 2009. Included in the terms of the deal was that the client will hire telemarketing agents who will provide half-time service: working for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. The client also asked the company to do the following tasks:

Research and provide potential customer list for the client. Customers should be well within the 50 mile radius of the company’s serviceability reach in the greater Brooklyn area.

Perform outbound calls to all potential leads on behalf of the client.

Collect vital information of prospects such as company name, contact information, location, business environment, etc.

Email product information to qualified prospects

PrimeOutsourcing also came up with a marketing script for agents to share with potential customers in order to deliver the necessary information about the client’s product consistently and efficiently.

The Results:

Our team of call center agents have contacted and created a sufficient number of customers for the client in a span of three months by maintaining a call volume of at least 100 calls a day. He has ceased services with Prime Outsourcing when the target number of customers was reached.

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