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Providing Telemarketing Services to Sustain Business Operations

The Client

The client is a medical doctor and owner of a stress and wellness clinic that specializes in giving chiropractic services. Having established his wellness center in Georgia, U.S.A., the client is looking for cost-effective means to bring in potential customers from the area and neighboring towns and cities. He was also looking for a more manageable way to book appointments to facilitate smooth daily business operations.

The client realized that hiring a local team to handle appointments will be costly and it would need an office space that he could not provide. Because outsourcing call center functions and telemarketing services have been gaining popularity in recent years, the client decided to give it a try.

The Prime Solution

The client contacted PrimeOutsourcing and was impressed by the company’s list of services. The client hired a call center team to handle telemarketing and customer-related tasks in December 2009. He specifically requested for female agents who spoke English with a neutral accent which the company was happy to provide. Prime Outsourcing has a pool of male and female agents who underwent extensive English and courtesy training.

The client provided all the potential customers through a private web portal which his agents can freely browse and contact. Because chiropractic services are not common treatment sought by a lot of people on a daily basis, the client only required his agents to find and book 2 to 3 appointments per day.

The Results

With our staff providing appointment booking and telemarketing services, the client’s wellness clinic was able to maintain a smooth operation throughout its run with the company. With help from PrimeOutsourcing, the client was able to focus more on his patients and the services he provided as well.