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Case Studies

Learn more about what we do from the projects we did, and see how we contribute to our client’s businesses.

Success Through Compelling Web Design

The Clients

The client owns a U.S.-based company that produces websites that will serve as a platform for various online ventures. His company aims to provide the essential tools for web start up such as Web Hosting, SEO Web Tool Suite, Online Web Storage, File Sharing Service, Website Templates, etc.

However, the client needed a compelling and user-friendly website that will market his company’s services and lure customers at the same time. He needed the services of a great web designer who will provide him with awesome graphics, eye-popping images and overall web design.

The Prime Solution

The client contacted Prime Outsourcing looking for a web designer who can handle such formidable tasks. We recommended the services of a Junior Web Designer who was hired on May 28, 2010.

One of the tasks the client gave to the web designer included creating stunning and marketable web interfaces to increase sales of his products and services. The junior web designer did this and more: he also incorporated jQuery sliders, included a website template online store and came up with a web hosting service provider website. Apart from this, he was also able to do front end web development for the client’s websites.

The Results

What our Junior Web Designer did was more than enough to boost the client’s sales within the year. Thanks to the impressive web design and optimized user interface, our client’s websites were soon making their waves in the World Wide Web.

As the client was happy with our services, he continues to work with Prime Outsourcing today. He has retained the services of our Junior Web Designer to enhance existing templates and designs, and update the banner ads for all of his company’s websites. Despite the time difference and the distance between the client and the company, we have been able to meet the client’s demands every time.