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Successful Keyword Research Leads to Online Prominence

The Client

The client is an owner of a business to business (B2B) online directory that provides information on a variety of resources for any type of business out there. Whether it be advertising, furniture, agriculture, food, career, real estate, recreation or other types of business, a good B2B directory should be able to provide what users are looking for.

However, a good B2B directory owner knows that in order to be successful, the website needs to have great web traffic because if there are no visitors, the directory loses its purpose. Search engine optimization (SEO) practices are essential to excellent web traffic and proper SEO can only be produced through optimum keyword research. A successful B2B directory depends on what keywords users are looking for, and the task of finding out what these keywords are is especially difficult.

The client, wishing a higher ranking in the results page of search engines, wanted to know the most popular keyword searches about different and specific businesses. However, hiring additional local staff is not feasible because it costs a lot of money and he will not be able to focus on the main goal of his business.

The Prime Solution

The client needed personnel who will do research about keywords and how much results these will gain in Google. The client also needed someone who will monitor the advertisements in the websites.

Initially, the client hired two general staff members on January 22, 2008 who will do the required tasks. These staff members also underwent a one week training and trial period to determine if they can meet the client’s expectations in terms of keyword accuracy and research speed. After the trial period, the client was truly satisfied with his hired staff members’ performance so he continued with getting the services of the company.

Soon enough, the research paid off and the staff members were able to optimize the website’s search engine visibility by using SEO practices. The web traffic thrived, and the website’s demands and productivity increased. Because it was so successful, the client decided to hire two additional staff members in June 2009, and an additional three more staff members in the following months.

The Results:

Because the keyword research tasks were already accomplished, he finished leasing staff in October 2010. Nevertheless, he was able to determine the essential keywords that were most used by potential clients, which he integrated into his company’s database to increase their online visibility.

The client’s B2B directory remains to be one of the leading B2B directories that enjoy a high ranking in Google’s search engine results list. Not only was he successful in SEO, he also had the chance to lower his overhead costs and increase his productivity.

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