Offshore Staff Leasing

PrimeOutsourcing can be your gateway to success. By offering an array of highly comprehensive outsourcing models, our company grants you opportunities to not only reduce overhead costs but also to focus on the core competencies of your business.

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Offshore Staff Leasing

For companies looking to expand their workforce, the process of handling recruitment and human resource management can be quite challenging. More often than not, business owners have a hard time dealing with matters such as record keeping, payroll accounting, risk management and employee benefits. If you need staff but cannot deal with the aforementioned functions, consider staff leasing.

Staff Leasing

What is Staff Leasing?

Staff leasing is an arrangement wherein a subscribing firm employs the staff of another firm (leasing agency) to perform specialized tasks. This set-up proves to be a better deal financially for employers. By eliminating the need to hire accountants and human resource managers, staff leasing enables business owners to significantly reduce labor-related expenditures. In a legal sense, the workers are not considered employees of the subscribing company; they remain the responsibility of the leasing agency.

PrimeOutsourcing Staff Leasing Services

If you are looking for a staff leasing company in the Philippines, PrimeOutsourcing can certainly provide all the help your company needs to boost its productivity. Our staff consists of competent and highly skilled individuals with college degrees and extensive training in their respective fields of expertise.

By taking advantage of our staff leasing services, you will not only receive technology-supported solutions but also save at least 70% on your overhead expenditures. PrimeOutsourcing would be the one to equip your offshore staff with the high-end facilities necessary for the completion of your tasks.

The following diagram shows how PrimeOutsourcing will help your company.

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Getting Started: How Offshore Staff Leasing Works

Looking for efficient staff to work on your business projects at an affordable cost? Find these by choosing PrimeOutsourcing’s staff leasing service. Our skilled staff will deliver high quality output for reasonable rates. With our offshore staff leasing service, you can get staffing flexibility as well as reduced operational costs. You also broaden your business potential, letting you penetrate new market grounds as you go along the way.

Getting started with our offshore staff leasing service is easy. Here’s how it works:

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Get Started with Offshore Staff Leasing

Advantages of Offshore Staff Leasing