Developing software programs through any software languages that match web specifications.

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Web technology is nothing without software, but software is nothing without specialized languages. Software, considered as the heart of web technology, consists of languages that computers understand. Without it, computers cannot function the way they have to. Hence, those who create software programs have an immense task at hand: the proper functioning of computers rely on their shoulders. Just like computers, websites also need software programs for their development and improvement. For a website to look and work its best, it needs a programmer at the helm.

Expertise and Skills

  • Client server applications
  • Object oriented programming
  • Systems design and analysis
  • Accounting system
  • Timekeeping programs
  • Windows based programs
  • Linux based programs
  • And other related tasks

Offshore Staff Leasing

Behind every well-made website is an excellent programmer. This professional is in charge of designing, testing and maintaining software as well as programs. It is this individual who ensures that every aspect of the programs is running smoothly, so that the website will be fully functional. A notable programmer also guarantees that the program created is most appropriate for the client’s business needs. Prime Outsourcing is one company that is a good source of exceptional programmers. Skilled in Java and COBOL, these professionals can be relied on for a job well done.

Junior Programmer

  • 1-2 year experience as full-time Web Developer
  • 1-2 year experience in VB.NET, ASP.NET, C# .NET, Java, SQL
  • 1-2 year experience in MS Visual Studio, Visual C, Visual Basic, Crystal Report
  • 1-2 year experience in MS SQL Server, MS Access, Power Builder

Senior Programmer

  • At least 3 years experience as full-time Web Developer
  • At least 3 years experience in VB.NET, ASP.NET, C# .NET, Java, SQL
  • At least 3 years experience in MS Visual Studio, Visual C, Visual Basic, Crystal Report
  • At least 3 years experience in MS SQL Server, MS Access, Power Builder


We charge a monthly flat rate for full-time Programmer. Upon receiving your inquiry, we will evaluate and let you know whether a junior or senior level staff is suited on the job. We also provide part-time Programmer or hourly based Programmer.


Please browse our frequently asked questions page if you have questions about our Programmer Offshore Staff Leasing. You can also fill out the form below if you need more information about our Programmer Outsourcing.

  • Our programmers can take on any program development niche effectively and efficiently

  • Low cost and practical

  • All programmers underwent meticulous training and extensive work experience

  • Programmers are well proficient in traditional and latest web and software developments

  • Programmers are highly competent of integrating software to websites

  • Programmers are closely monitored by supervisors ensuring optimum production

  • Staff members report to you directly daily

Development Outsourcing

Searching for other experts for your development projects? We have a group of development professionals who can deliver the best solutions for your requirements.

Web Developer – Websites serve as the backbone businesses online. So ensure yours is designed with functionality, style, accessibility and flexibility in mind. Our team of web developers can deliver all these to you in no time.

Webmaster – Keeping your website updated and running at all times is a must to service your target audience without fail. Tap into one of our webmasters to back up files for and manage, monitor and configure your website.

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US/Canada: (850) 937-7321
International: +63 (939) 409 7272

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