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Seat Leasing

Outsourcing companies, whether new or small, can face a variety of difficult situations in order to keep up with large outsourcing companies. Aside from balancing resources, it is equally vital to keep in touch with clients while taking control over the business operations to achieve success. However, in order to accomplish these things, it is necessary to have an office space where advanced infrastructure such as PCs, telephone communication equipment, software and other expenditures are readily available. Yet, what many start-up entrepreneurs or home company owners come to realize is that having such a facility entails a large overhead expense that can actually drain their capital. This is when the option of seat leasing comes into play.

What is Seat Leasing?

Seat Leasing is a turn-key office solution ideal for both foreign and local start-up BPO businesses looking for flexible alternative to renting or buying an office space, and purchasing expensive infrastructure to keep their business running. This office set-up is not only cost efficient and user-friendly, it also enable companies to reduce capital expenditures, while giving emphasis on more important aspects of their enterprise and maintaining an upscale image for the company.

PrimeOutsourcing Seat Leasing Services

If you are searching for an outsourcing company in the Philippines, and you would like to take full control of your business operations without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure, PrimeOutsourcing recently opened its seat leasing services to clients who want to have a convenient workplace environment to operate in.

We offer competitive and cost-effective seat leasing options, which can help your business save as much as 40% or more on outsourcing costs and at the same time ensuring that you focus more on your business and less on managing an office.

We care for you and your business's success, which is why we are here to provide the help you need in every step of the way. So, contact us today and see how our seat leasing services can complement your company's needs.

Our work station packages include:

Option A

  • LCD/LED Monitor 22"
  • Intel Core i5
  • Dell and HP computers
  • 8GB Non-ECC RAM
  • 1TB Hard drive
  • Plantronics USB headset
  • Shared Internet connection
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Monthly fee is USD $300
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Option B

  • Samsung LCD Monitor 19"
  • Intel Dual Core 3.0ghz
  • Compatible Mainboard
  • 4GB Non-ECC RAM
  • 500GB SATA Hard drive
  • Plantronics USB headset
  • Shared Internet connection
  • Windows 7 home basic
  • Monthly fee is USD $200
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Upgrades are also available:

  • Bigger or dual monitor = $20/month
  • Faster processor (inquire below)
  • Bigger hard drive (inquire below)
  • More RAM (inquire below)
  • Dedicated Internet connection (inquire below)
  • webcam = $10/month
  • Others (inquire below)

Workstation replacement

Our workstations are subjected to stress test and benchmarking before we use them. We guarantee 1 hour replacement including restoring of files to the new station.

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Aside from the aforesaid packages, we also provide our clients the following:

Advantages of Seat Leasing

  • Operational Flexibility.
    Seat Leasing with PrimeOutsourcing lets you take control of your own roster of employees from wherever you are in the world, whenever possible. Our office is open for operations 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Cost efficiency.
    Our seat leasing service lets you allot your funds to more essential aspects of your business such as efficient manpower
  • Premium Equipment.
    PrimeOutsourcing features quality workstations geared with state-of-the-art equipment more than capable to meet your standards. From outstanding and uninterrupted Internet connectivity to cutting-edge computer units, our office space is specifically built for efficient and seamless productivity.
  • In-office Support.
    If ever your staff experience difficulties in our office or needs additional services, supervisors and technical support personnel are readily available for inquiries. Plus, our company is capable of providing additional staff if you need some.

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