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We make business process outsourcing work for you!

Prime Outsourcing is an offshore staff leasing company based in Manila, Philippines. Our company operates 24/5, which allows time flexibility for clients. Every staff is managed by a supervisor or a project manager to maintain work efficiency and client satisfaction.

With Prime Outsourcing, you can:
  • Lower your overhead cost by turning over staff management to us
  • Get flexible staffing solutions at comparatively lower rates
  • Have an extended resource pool of readily available skilled personnel
  • Ensure rapid deployment of employees whenever you need them

Our services are designed to enable companies to effectively manage their time while increasing their profit margins. This is accomplished by relieving you of the burden of doing administrative tasks such as payroll benefits management, employee recruitment and HR compliance. With these out of the way, you can focus on more important tasks, such as expanding your business and getting more clients.

At Prime Outsourcing, we keep training our employees to make sure their skills remain competitive. We do this to ensure that they maintain a strong work ethic, and to allow them to grow personally and professionally. We continuously motivate our staff so they enjoy working in our company and with our clients as well.

Prime Outsourcing is your offshore staff leasing company and outsourcing solutions provider. Let our staff handle your routine office and administrative functions, web development projects and other tasks. You can set up your own virtual team, and enjoy top-notch management and technical assistance from our proficient employees.

See what we are all about and what we can do for you. We want to help make your company more profitable so you can achieve your business goals. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Offshore Staff Leasing

Offshore staff leasing is the core service offered by Prime Outsourcing. Through our staff leasing program, you can have your own team in the Philippines. The team, which will be managed and supported by Prime Outsourcing, will exclusively work for you for the whole duration of the project.

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Project Outsourcing

Through project outsourcing, you can employ our staff and tap into their expertise to complete a project within a specific period of time. This service is most ideal for short-term deliverables, or any task that needs to be done within a shorter time frame.

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Prime Service Packs

These service packages were created with small businesses in mind. Our Prime Service Packs are designed as outsourcing start-up kits, those that make outsourcing more affordable for owners of small-sized enterprises. With this service, entrepreneurs can outsource some jobs without paying for full-time staff.

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Virtual Captives

For companies establishing a wholly owned subsidiary as an extension of the parent company operating in the Philippines.

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Advantages of Choosing Prime Outsourcing

Lower Overhead and Manpower Costs

Running an office can be time consuming and expensive. Transferring some of your business functions to Prime Outsourcing will save you precious time and lower your operational expenses significantly. You no longer need to deal with traditional costs associated with getting and keeping employees in-house.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

Prime Outsourcing offers a wide range of employment options to allow you to adapt to fluctuations in staffing needs. Regardless of the kind of service (or services) you require, rest assured we can help you find the best professional for the job. If you need customized services to address the unique needs of your business, we will do our best to provide them for you.

Month-to-Month Contract

We give our customers the chance to cancel the contract one week prior to next month’s due date. Prime Outsourcing does not charge termination fees—all we ask is for our clients to give us feedback regarding our service. We continuously seek ways to improve our services.

Quick Deployment of Skilled Staff

Prime Outsourcing currently employs hundreds of IT professionals in our delivery center. This means we can easily look for the right staff suitable for your business. We also maintain a large database of resumes for pooling and recruitment purposes in the event that we do not have the qualified staff you need in-house. We can deploy staff as early as today, but it takes two to three weeks for specialized positions.

Superb Management and Technical Team

Our Supervisors and Project Managers will make sure your staff here are efficient in their daily activities. They are also in charge of addressing any inquiries, complaints and requests you may have. You can rely on them for remarkable after-sales customer service.

Hundreds of businesses have relied on the excellent services Prime Outsourcing has been providing over the years.

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