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Case Studies

Learn more about what we do from the projects we did, and see how we contribute to our client’s businesses.

Building The Largest Cloud Storage Service Today

The Clients

The client is an owner of a U.S.-based company that wants to provide free and paid online services to a broad range of clients. One of his goals is to come up with an online cloud storage system that has the largest virtual memory capacity ever to be developed, giving users virtually unlimited memory which was thought to be impossible. He also wanted his customers to be able to access their files by using FTP and just like they are using a normal hard drive.However, to host a huge amount of data, the client had to use several servers to accommodate all of these.

He was a former client of Prime Outsourcing and this time, he consulted our company about developing a website for his cloud storage service. He especially wanted a website that is easy to use, credible and reliable, qualities which he put emphasis to.

The Prime Solution

Hiring a web developer was the sole solution to this case and thus, a Senior Web Developer was hired to work on the client’s project on September 6, 2011. He was able to turn the website template provided by the client to a fully functioning website. He also worked on the website’s database and installed an Apache web server and PHP. He also integrated the following features in the client’s website:

Create a PHP script where the users can upload and download a variety of files in the area.

Create pages and subpages for the website

Develop a search engine feature within the site where the users can inquire for the files on demand.

Integrated multilingual options for the website

Create a tree directory that gives users an ease of access for their files.

Enable users to share files with friends

Create an interface capable of playing music and video

Create banners for the website

The Results

The cloud storage website was soon made available to the public; however, our senior web developer is still making improvements and doing maintenance and management on it. Users can easily access the cloud storage without fees. Our developer was also able to integrate a payment mechanism through PayPal to allow other users to upgrade their free account to a paid account for faster service.