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Developing a Service Oriented Website for a Local Community

The Client

The client is an owner of a new Canadian web design and development company that provides marketable websites and e-commerce solutions for people who own small businesses in the province of British Columbia. Among the company’s services include web hosting, domain registration, integrated web design and development, and web maintenance.

Even if the client already had a capable team of designers, developers and customer service representatives, he still needed help in some aspects of web development. Because hiring more personnel was a costly option, he decided to try outsourcing to cut on expenses.

The Prime Solution

The client contacted PrimeOutsourcing searching for a web developer who can handle various web development tasks using different computer programming languages such as JavaScript, Perl and PHP. Our company recommended the services of a Junior Web Developer and our staff started working for the client on July 19, 2011.

Our web developer’s initial task was to come up with a website per the client’s customer’s request. One customer wanted a service oriented website that aims to raise funds for both businesses and individuals using an online peer-based fund raising system known as crowdfunding. The customer’s website was designed by our client’s own team but the front to back end web development was outsourced to us.

Our web developer was able to create a functional and easy-to-use website that integrated various programming languages such as JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL and PHP, with different APIs such as Bitly, Facebook, PayPal and Twitter.

The Results:

The Beta version of the initial development project was immediately launched on November 24, 2011. It featured a simple yet fascinating interface sure to attract potential investors. The client was truly satisfied with the services we provided as it helped him increase production rates without going over the budget.

Because he was so happy with the results, he asked our company to develop more of their company’s specialized website projects such as integrating Joomla! with a computer service site, incorporating Google Analytics in Zen Cart in different e-commerce sites, fixing page issues of various websites, and patching up the issues with cross browser compatibility with the client’s own website.

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