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Case Studies

Learn more about what we do from the projects we did, and see how we contribute to our client’s businesses.

Effective Marketing Strategies Through Social Media

The Clients

The client is an owner of a social networking site that aims to establish relationships between single men and women online. The website will use a unique and exclusive compatibility checker. The client needs help in increasing search engine visibility and web traffic. He also wanted to increase his business’ revenue through increased membership volume, and PrimeOutsourcing gave him just what he needed.

The client’s online marketing strategies are highly confidential, so we will not discuss the entire project in detail.

The Prime Solution

The client first contacted PrimeOutsourcing in 2007 and inquired about the company’s web marketing services. Initially, he hired only a handful of online marketing assistants for a month. His marketing assistants underwent training under his supervision during this time. After training, his staff went to work and used social media marketing that involved advertising and doing promotions in popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tagged. The marketing assistants also used popular online classified ads sites such as Craiglist.

During the training period, his marketing assistants were able to deliver excellent results which prompted him to hire more marketing assistants.

The initial group of marketers trained the additional staff and they provided more services such as website optimization and email management.

The Results

Outsourcing various online marketing processes allowed the client to save on time and reduce his operational costs up to 70%. It also let him focus on the core competencies of his business such as integrating a unique chemistry algorithm for the members of his network.

Ever since the client got the services of PrimeOutsourcing in 2007, the revenue of his website increased from 25% to 50%, indicative of the success of the marketing strategies used by his leased marketers. Since then, the client’s profitability increased significantly through the years.

The client still uses the services of the company and currently has 20 online marketing assistants in his service.