You may often hear the term Digital Marketing, however, this is actually something that we may think we all know what it means but truly not understand it. When we speak of the different types of digital marketing, some people may automatically think of online marketing, specifically social media. But in fact, it not just used in the online world.

digital marketing

To put it simply, digital marketing is any form of marketing that uses a digital or technological device. More so, Digital Marketing exists both offline and online. It is about making use of digital technology to achieve marketing objectives. To help you have a thorough understanding of its utilization, we have created a list of the types of digital marketing and how you can make use of each marketing channel for your growing business.

Keep in mind that you should not just focus on one type of digital marketing. A lot of affluent digital marketing solutions have a multiple channel approach.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

1. Content Marketing

This aims to establish a relationship with your potential customers. By using effective content, you will provide more value, relevance, and consistency to your target audience. Doing so will allow you to attract more consumers and retain your loyal customers, most especially drive more profitable consumer action.

2. Social Media Marketing

As defined, it is the use of different social media platforms and sites to promote a product/s or service/s. This also involves content creating and sharing of content on different platforms to reach your marketing and branding goals. Such activities may include the following:

  • Videos
  • Text postings
  • Paid social media advertising

The primary aim of Social Media Marketing is to share information about your brand and create an engagement with your target consumers.

3. Email Marketing

As for email marketing, it is the use of email to develop a relationship with your potential customers or clients. This is actually just the same as sending a direct mail except that, instead of sending it via mail through a postal service, your message will be sent electronically via email.

4. Television Advertising

These are the ones you see every time there’s a break in a television program. While the rise of Netflix or streaming is slowly getting rid of having to watch these ads on the television. TV commercials are still one of the top digital marketing types.

These are just some types of Digital Marketing. What you need to know is that it has indeed a wider scope. Digital Marketing is more than just the online world and these marketing channels are continuously evolving, growing and changing. With the unpredictability of trends and the continuous growth of newer marketing styles, creating a successful marketing plan will greatly involve a lot of skills, knowledge and also you have to expect some trials and errors.

Digital Marketing Services With PrimeOutsourcing

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