Link building is an important aspect of increasing the online visibility of your business. Beyond that, link building, when done right, is also an excellent tool that will protect your website against algorithm changes, improve the diversity of your site visitors and boost your search engine rankings.

However, link building is no easy feat. Every campaign requires time, effort and, in most cases, money. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the cash to spare. If you happen to be one of them, take heart. There are ways you can beef up your backlink profile without blasting a hole in your pocket. Below are some of them.

Get Listed in Directories

Your website will be able to benefit from registering your business information on directories. Sure, directories may have a negative ring to it, especially since many black hat SEO practices in the past involved their use. However, the directories we are referring here are high quality and key niche ones. What you want to do is build a complete list of directories that people actually would use and those that you will be happy to be associated with. Then, carefully evaluate your budget and allocate it accordingly.

Consider Ego Baiting

Ego baiting is a web marketing strategy wherein you positively mention a person or source in your blog or any other content. Usually, the goal is to let the mentioned person or source to promote your post in his or her base of audience, by sharing it through social media.

The good thing about ego baiting is that it makes your content more reliable and compelling to read because you have sources to back up your claims and delivers the message that you are familiar with your industry.

Ego baiting can be done easily. You can find influencers in your sector who can provide their insights on a particular content you are creating. You may also interview them or engage with them socially or via email and invite them to write a content that is of interest to your visitors. Then, publish the content to your site and ask the influencers you have invited to also push the content you did on social media or use it as a reference on posts they have written.

Of course, there is no assurance that the person or source you have mentioned will share your content nor increase your site’s direct traffic. However, ego baiting is still a win-win situation because at the end of the day you get to add good content on your site.

Come Up and Share Good Content

Speaking of content; one of the best strategies to build your link profile for less is to develop quality content that people would actually be happy to link to. There are numerous type of content you can make, including videos, images, infographics and articles that relate to your business and industry. Just make sure that your content actually answers questions and relay good information that your audience could use.

You see, link building is an important marketing strategy. If you do it the right way, you will be rewarded not just with inbound links, traffic and leads, but also conversions and sales. However, it does not necessarily have to be costly to get the results you desire. Exert effort and patience in using the strategies mentioned above and you can build your link profile with minimal expense.