Most entrepreneurs would like to do all the things when it comes to their business tasks. While they have this kind of thinking, let us face the fact that a person cannot do everything at the same time. If you own a business and you think about your competitors, there is a probability that they are outsourcing some of the tasks that they cannot handle by themselves to freelancers and outsourcing companies that is why they continue to grow as a team. You might have the questions in your mind like “what tasks are they outsourcing?” This article will help you about the different tasks that your competitors are outsourcing so that you can get an idea or do the same thing.

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According to the survey made by with over 300,000 jobs posting, the fastest growing numbers of outsourced jobs include accounting, report writing, and PowerPoint presentations. If you’re thinking that these jobs are just side projects, you are wrong. These jobs are long term and the way business owners treat freelancers are different from the usual outside contractor thing. The demand for converting PDF to text files went up to 38 per cent in the second quarter, copywriting was 14 per cent and there was a demand for ghost writing services which dropped 12 per cent in the latest survey. According to there is a far less demand for those skills which require enough knowledge or proper training. Business owners are now relying to freelancers about core functions.

Here are the top 7 surprising tasks that your competitors are outsourcing.

3-D printing. There were news about the highest demand when it comes to 3D printing and some business companies are doing it. While some of them let their internal staff do the job, most of your competitors might be turning this job to outsourcing as it consume time and requires specific knowledge.

Web designing. This can be included in a one-time task but if you’re into changing and following trends, you should have a stable web designer from an outsourcing company doing the changes for you so that your business is up to date.

Scheduling. Your staff should focus on what they should be doing and picking someone from them to manage schedules is another task that they may lose focus on the main task that you assigned to them. Outsource it to your virtual assistant.

Research. This is the most time-consuming kind of task that your competitors might be outsourcing. No one will hire someone to do this all-day. You can outsource it and just get results at a certain time or days of the week.

Marketing. Most of the companies are now into outsourcing their marketing strategies so that someone from an outsourcing company with expertise can deliver the best marketing results for your business.

Social media. Wondering why your competitors stay in the latest trends and always updated? That is because they outsource their social media management.

Customer service. Your competitors can provide a 24/7 customer service support because they put that task into outsourcing. While they can be sleeping in your country, their outsourcing company partner is doing the task for them.

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