Prime-Halloween-2014-1There was a great deal of fun to be had during Prime Outsourcing’s Halloween party last October 31, 2014, when employees came to work clad in their scariest costumes and hearty meals were shared by everyone.

Setting the mood for the event were the synthetic cobwebs that festooned the walls of the office as well as the balloons that hang from the ceiling. While there was no trick-or-treat involved, food and refreshments were served to the employees’ delight.

However, the most entertaining aspect of the event was the employees themselves who took the time to dress up for the occasion. Some came in as black-robed ghouls and witches, while others were inspired by the zombies of the popular series, “The Walking Dead.”

Two of the employees whose outfits stood out the most were Jonathan Abawag, whose costume was inspired by the character Anabelle, with a couple of tweaks for added scare, and Eilaine Ga, who look like a vengeful ghoul in her black dress and spooky makeup.

Of course, where is the fun in wearing scary costumes when there are no prizes to be won? The efforts of employees were not wasted as the best ones were awarded with cash prizes. Below is the list of winners:

Day Shift
1st Place: Elaine Ga
2nd Place:  Ara Trisha Castillo

Night Shift
1st Place: Jonathan Abawag
2nd Place:  Zhandra Habig

Although a small event, Prime Outsourcing’s Halloween Party was big on fun and scare. Credit goes to those who organized and made the party possible.