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Seat Leasing vs. Traditional Office Space: 6 Considerations For Your Business

seat leasing vs. office space

In recent years, there have been a number of changes. Both businesses and people’s working lives are constantly evolving. Since it has a significant impact on their general success in the market, the ideal workplace is still essential for new businesses, independent contractors, and growing enterprises.

These changes have also led to an increase in practical solutions that organizations may use to sustain or grow their operations, such as traditional office space and seat leasing. Selecting a decision is significantly more crucial because each option has a different set of benefits and considerations. We’ll examine the key differences between traditional office space and seat leasing in this post to assist you in determining which option is best for your business’s requirements.

Seat Leasing

In an outsourced business approach known as seat leasing, clients opt to manage staff hiring, administration, and training without having to bother about maintaining physical assets like desks, computers, internet connections, and facilities.

It also involves renting desks and office space from any outsourcing firm that has already made the necessary investments in locating, setting up, and maintaining the physical infrastructure needed for an online business.

This can also be a less expensive choice than traditional office space because the costs are shared by many different businesses. Additional benefits of seat leasing include a number of the following:


One of the biggest advantages of seat leasing is being flexible. You can increase or decrease the amount of office space you require while still saving money. It provides clear and adaptable contracts, making it a good choice for companies that are leasing


Running your company will eventually be simpler with this business strategy. You might get access to completely furnished rooms and a number of services, such as quick internet, conference spaces, and kitchens, by renting seats. With the services being able to be tailored to your company’s needs, you may be able to save money and time on your workplace.

Access to Shared Resources

Additionally, seat leasing companies have access to a wider range of resources than you could possibly afford on your own. This could involve help with marketing, HR support, and IT. These services thereby raise the value of the operations of your business. 

Traditional Office Space

A traditional office space is an actual workplace that a company either owns or leases. Frequently, these spaces have a set layout with assigned workstations and staff desk space. Since your business would often sign a long-term lease and have control over the design and layout, the main benefits of this type of workplace are stability and customizability. Traditional offices also offer a sense of security since the company may limit access and put up security measures.

A typical lease gives a company access to its own office, which includes a kitchen, bathrooms, locker rooms, reception spaces, breakout areas, conference rooms, and, of course, work space. However, although being more costly than seat leasing, this option offers several benefits, such as:

seat lease


A typical office setting gives your company more privacy and control over the environment. This is helpful for businesses that need to safeguard confidential meetings or sensitive data. 

It also provides more professional, peaceful conditions with less interruptions and schedule issues when conducting work.


Incorporating your brand, values, and corporate culture into the design and layout of traditional office space enables you to personalize the workplace experience for your business. You may also make sure that your workplace satisfies the individual needs of each of your workers. This is also essential for companies that wish to create a positive impression on their clients and staff.

Space for Growth

You have the choice to grow your firm by using traditional office space. Your office may be improved as your company expands. When making plans for the long-term growth of your company, you should take this into account. 

Which is Right for Your Business?

When determining which kind of office space is best for your business, take your needs as a person and your budget into account. If you’re looking for a more flexible, more affordable solution, seat leasing might be an ideal option. Traditional office space may be a better choice if you require additional space for branding, expansion, or privacy.

seat leasing vs. traditional office space

Prime Outsourcing- Seat Leasing 

What your company requires in particular will ultimately determine whether you choose seat leasing or conventional office space. Seat leasing is a good choice for young startups or businesses that want to interact and network because it is so flexible and affordable. Traditional office space, on the other hand, can be the best option for a well-established business that values stability, privacy, and increased control.

You may determine which workspace option best corresponds with your business goals by taking into account your budget, personnel needs, and planned growth. Just bear in mind that the success of your company as a whole, employee satisfaction, and productivity may all be significantly impacted by the workplace you choose.

Prime Outsourcing is a Philippine-based seat leasing provider, involved in the BPO, IT consulting, and outsourcing industries. We cater to all organizations interested in establishing a business in the Philippines and provide a comprehensive range of top-tier industry solutions, each tailored to certain market niches. Contact us today!


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