The increasing human resources complexities are something a lot of business organizations are facing. With the rise of laws and regulations for employment, the penalties that come with not complying has never been bigger. Human Resources Tasks is one of the important aspects to be considered in every company. The role of HR affects all the members of the company. It supports all employees and most especially, the employees are the main resources of every organization.

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Human Resource Functions

Human resource is responsible for employee management, starting from their recruitment process to their retirement. While every organization is technically made up of people with different roles, human resource management is about acquiring services of the people, honing their skills and potential, motivate them to perform well, and stay true to their commitment towards the company. More so, here are other major functions of human resource:

  • Recruitment. This is the process of screening and selecting qualified candidates based on the given criteria of a specific job function. This is one important process for every organization because it lessens the risks of having incompetent, unmotivated and underqualified employees.
  • Maintain Good Working Condition. Part of the role of HR is to provide good working conditions for all staff. This equates to a good working environment for all employees.
  • Manage Employee Relations. Employees build-up any organization. Human resources can influence and affect each employee’s behavior and work performance. It is HR’s responsibility to organize activities that will allow them to get to know their employees both on a personal and professional level. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resources Tasks

More and more businesses are outsourcing some of their HR tasks to help avoid potential pitfalls that may occur which can be costly. Doing this can help you have access to skilled professionals who are well-versed when it comes to laws and regulations.  However, small businesses refrain from outsourcing their Human resources tasks with the fear that they may not be able to afford it. There is also a notion that outsourcing is just for big operations to cut down on their expenditures. Fortunately, outsourcing your HR tasks is feasible. Considering the benefits of outsourcing to a trusted and well-known provider can financially benefit small businesses.

1. Saving expenditures

Outsourcing your HR tasks can help you cut down on your expenses and relieve administrative burdens. Outsourcing can also help the internal team to focus their effort on other business functions. HR professionals working for small business organizations saw a shift in their role from doing traditional administrative tasks to doing strategic work. 

2. Expertise in the field

An area that many small businesses fail to keep up with is the expertise needed especially when it comes to laws that concern hiring employees, insurance, and benefits among other things. One of the hardest challenges small business organizations face is how they struggle to comply with these things. This can lead to penalties or worse, loss of license to run your business. Outsourcing these tasks to a skilled professional will allow businesses to have a better understanding of the law. 

3. Latest technologies

One benefit that smaller businesses fail to recognize is how outsourcing HR functions can get them to the latest technologies. Having some of these technologies can be costly especially if you have your in-house team. However, outsourcing your HR tasks to people who have access to these technologies without necessarily buying or owning them is more cost-effective. Outsourcing would be worth considering if these technological advancements are used for certain functions in the business. With the knowledge that these technologies can provide, the risk for things such as non-compliance, lawsuits from employees or difficulties from handling HR tasks would be lower. 

Disadvantages of Human Resource Outsourcing 

While there are a lot of benefits to outsourcing some of your business processes in general. Just like any other business venture, there are also possible disadvantages to outsourcing your human resources. As a business owner, It is always best to be aware of the disadvantages of having this type of work function to be transferred remotely:

1. Control

Once you outsource your human resource function, note that you will also lose control over who is doing the job at hand, as well as its surrounding details. Such challenges will be inevitable if communication becomes inefficient. Moreover, things can get a little more confusing that can lead to mistakes and miscommunication. 

2. Time

Time can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. While it can allow your business to work over an extended time, speed is seen to be a concern of some. As for human resource functions, every time a business’s strategic functions change, it will also need to have vendors to increase its speed. More so, since you will be working in different time-frames, synchronizing both schedules can also be a challenge. 

3. Knowledge

While outsourcing can be a very effective form of business strategy for all types of organizations. There is quite a realization in this type of strategy, according to industry professionals, outsourcing sometimes leads to a knowledge deficit. As for functions such as human resources, the staff often ends up having less knowledge about the organization’s operations since the outsourced staff is not directly involved in the company. 

4. Dependence

Apart from losing control, another challenge for companies who outsource their human resource functions is a dependency. Leaders may become too dependent on the outsourced provider. The loss of control and dependency may lead to businesses not being able to operate successfully once outsourcing is no longer an option. 

5. Recruitment Problems 

Outsourced employees can have a lack of understanding of the company’s culture. In terms of human resource functions, since they are the ones responsible for hiring new employees, there is a bigger possibility that the lack of understanding of the outsourced staff can be transferred to the new employees during the recruitment process. 

Human Resource Outsourcing With PrimeOutsourcing

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