Not so long ago, people have a need to go to the malls, boutiques and physical stores just to make a purchase. Now given the modernisation in our technological world, buying anything is made even easier  with just the use of your mobile device and the internet. Furthermore, everything involved in an effective marketing strategy are all found in Digital marketing.

The continuous stretch in our technological advancements has proven to be centred in everyone’s own ease of day to day living. In terms of online marketing, its primary concentration is with the user experience.

Generally speaking, digital marketing is continuously reshaping the way retailing is done. As mentioned earlier, all these innovations are focused on the user interface. In addition, a consumer’s buying behaviour has also made a tantamount shift as we speak.

Digital Marketing In This Day And Age

The internet as ultimately become an avenue for marketers to effectively promote their products and services. As for businesses, if you want to retain your valued customers or increase your sales, an online version as well as a mobile app version of your shop are what you need.

According to surveys, around 60% of shoppers use their mobile devices for shopping while they are at the physical store to:

  • Gain more information about the product or item.
  • Compare prices with other brands.
  • Look for better deals.

Since this blog post is all about our present era’s innovations when it comes to user behaviour, allow us to help you plan out a much better marketing strategy for your business.

How Consumers Shop?

  • Online shopping always begins with a search. 81% of consumers “Search” for a specific product online before purchasing. Furthermore, “Near Me” is also the most popular search phrase used by consumers to look for stores and products.
  • Smartphones are the key essentials that are needed to do online shopping. Statistics have shown that 50% of people use their mobile devices to search for food and accommodation. 35% also use their phones while at the physical store to compare prices.

What Influences a Consumer’s Buying Decision?

  • Product reviews whether good or bad are highly important for consumers when it comes to deciding whether they should purchase an item or not.
  • Social media influencers also make a great impact in consumer’s buying decision. One perfect example for this are the beauty community influencers, their voice plays a big role for females to decide which beauty products are they going to purchase.
  • An engaging content is what you need to capture your target people’s attention. Whether it is a written content, a video ad or an infographic, it must always appeal to the people’s desires.

Overall, the key element involved in both consumer behaviour and digital marketing is the internet. When it comes to user experience, consumers consult the internet to:

  • Gain information about a brand or a product.
  • For comparison (brands, products and prices).
  • If they are ready to make a purchase