Halloween marks the most spooktacular season of the year. This event is not only about being scary but it is also a night full of fun and terrifying activities that will make you jump and scream out of excitement.

Every year, parties all over the world are always present during Halloween. This yearly event allows people to enjoy the night, have fun and keep themselves busy while looking scary.

Since most organisations have their own gimmicks for Halloween, PrimeOutsourcing won’t let its staff to just stay on their workstations and finish their tasks in the spookiest night of the year.

PrimeOutsourcing organises a Halloween party every year for its employees to unleash their hidden creativity in making their own Halloween costumes. This event also aims to make its employees gather together and enjoy the night while in the midst of a little break from their work. The party was held at its headquarter in Mandaluyong, last October 31.

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Some of the staff brought their kids to the party. They were dressed in their scary costumes and they also participated on the Best Halloween Costume Contest. The said contest was conducted by the HR Department.

Everybody went gaga before, during and after the party. From the ramp modelling to games and activities, the employees were in a state of joy. Everybody participated in the games and made their own strategies to win. The ones who were eager to join for the Best Halloween Costume stood in front to introduce themselves, tell who they were portraying, and show their talents that made the audiences giggle and laugh.

Here is the list of the winners for Halloween Best Costumes and Copy-Cut Game:


1st place- Oliver, John Carlo
2nd place- Diaz, Marlon
3rd place- Acejo, Ma. Clarissa

Copy Cat Winners: BOYS TEAM

Diaz, Marlon
Fronda, Justin Andrew
Hawkins, Barry
Oliver, John Carlo
Quirante, Joshua

The festivity is not complete without food. The food was happily served by the HR Department. The staff had a delightful feast, the pantry was filled with laughter and merriment.

After the party, it was the time for fun shoots and selfies. The employees couldn’t contain their happiness while making funny poses.

Having an event like this for a company helps the employees refresh their minds and have at least a short break from their work. This allows everyone to gather and have fun together without forgetting the true meaning of Halloween.