So we have just started our 2019, how is this year been treating your business so far? Have you already reassessed your ecommerce website’s performance in the past year?

We have been made well aware of businesses going digital nowadays.This is mainly because people now prefer to buy stuff online. In fact, according to Pew Research about 8 out of 10 people prefer to purchase something in the internet rather than go to the actual store.

As for business owners, remember that your website is your very first interaction with your target consumers. So it is essential that you constantly update your ecommerce site to make it appealing to the ever changing taste of the people. It is also important to keep it modernised to keep up with the innovations in our technology.

Having an exemplary ecommerce website that satisfies the people’s wants will drive your business to reach its full potential. Furthermore, you should also ensure your website’s scalability, effectivity and its user experience.

When do you think is the best time for you to alter some changes to your ecommerce? Discussed below are some of the pointers to help you out before you make a decision:

Your bounce rate is continuously increasing

Your bounce rate is the recorded percentage of the number of people who visit your website. Why do people immediately leave a website they just clicked? Often times, this may have been because, the product or information they are looking for wasn’t there.

How can you make sure that your target people will automatically be able to see what they are looking for once they visit your site? Once you decide to revamp your site, you may want to add up some additional re-targeting tools to some sections of your site.

You can add up an “abandoned cart option”. Consumers who have put products on their carts but didn’t purchase will see ads from your store while they browse online. Furthermore, you can also send them email reminders regarding the matter.

Reduced conversion rates

If you have been actively promoting your products and services online but your conversion rate is too low, then there is something awfully wrong on your site. You might want check whether your ecommerce is falling short from the current trends and is a little outdated.

Know that a little revamping will make a big difference. Re-groom your site by maybe creating a new artwork, you can also redesign your brand or change up your market plan.

Jagged links and images

If your images appear to be blank and have the red “x” marks on the side, if your links redirect you to blank pages or not completely opening, something is not right. These are just some of the major issues that you have to consider if you are to decide whether you should redesign your website or not.

Know that a new look for your website can do greater things to your business. From upgrading your features and improving your image, to elevating your leads and sales.