If you’re a business owner and an entrepreneur, you’ll always look forward on gaining success for your business with less expense. Business is all about doing effort, investing while you’re just starting and aiming to get creative marketing strategy to attract more clients and sales. When we talk about creative marketing strategy, with less cost, we can just figure out one word for that and it is called outsourcing. There are many huge business companies who made their way to success while having an outsourcing company as their backup. If you want to focus on the thing which makes your business get more money and investments, you should have an outsourcing company as your partner. From administrative support, customer service and marketing, you can assign these tasks to them and focus on creating more sales. Once you have decided to partner with an outsourcing company and you have no idea on how to be successful with them, here are our top 10 tips for you to follow.


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  1. Plainly characterize the degree and calendar for your venture. Before you start with anything, you should have a clear vision of what you want and when it should be done. Setting a goal will make your life easier. Make it clear to your outsourcing partner what you’ll need, when should it be finished and set reasonable prices for it. Always be specific and discuss even the small details about your project so that they won’t miss anything. Provide them information that they will need to do about your assigned projects. Setting schedules can lessen costs.
  2. Treat your outsourcing company as if they are full-time employees. Always ask questions whenever you’re not sure about certain things. Ask for experiences, their process and portfolio to ensure that you’ve picked the right bpo company for your business.
  3. Figure out if you got the people with right experiences. You don’t need to provide training to your employees because their outsourcing company will provide that. All you have to do is look for their past jobs and the results from their previous employers. It is one of your rights when choosing for an outsourcing company who’ll you will entrust some sensitive information about your business.
  4. Do not rely on prices. There is a saying that “you’ll get what you pay for” so our advice is don’t just rely on prices. There are many things so consider in choosing the best outsourcing company to outsource portion tasks from your company. Go for the best and forget the prices. Be wise and learn to compare them.
  5. Review samples and portfolio. Check if you will be satisfied like what their past employers felt about their jobs. You can see it with their samples. Once you figure out that they can ensure your satisfaction then you can pursue on taking the next step.
  6. Start small. Don’t just give them huge projects. You can start assigning small portion of your tasks and check their capabilities on delivering the best results for you. It is a step-by-step process and act slowly but surely.
  7. Have a step by step payment tie. Do not just give them full payment even when the work is not yet finished. A good start you can do is pay 20% up to 30% per milestone as upfront payment. After completion you can now issue the full payment.
  8. Negotiate to where and whom the work should be. You can tell them clearly about your target market, the user and people who will be engaged in the work that they are doing so that you’ll ensure their right decision and best results about it.
  9. You will need their support even when your project is complete. Go for the right outsourcing team who will still be there for you even when the project is done. It only shows that they are passionate with the services that they offer.
  10. Write everything. You should always have written documents, copy of email and chat exchanges so that you’ll figure out what you’ll need. Keep an eye to legal documents. These outsourcing services will be with you in long-term business run.