Graphic designing involves the use of different visual forms and structures to communicate one’s idea. This may include color, imagery, or typography. In other words, it’s just another creative way to build a connection with your audience. As a business owner, knowing some facts such as graphic designing types will surely help you find the person perfect for your business’ design needs. So, here they are.

1. Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

Nowadays when people first hear of graphic designs they automatically think that they are created for marketing and advertising purposes. Well, they couldn’t be more right as all of us always find images more appealing than plain texts. However, as digital marketing becomes a trend, aside from being used physically in prints, this type of graphic design is also now very in-demand in content marketing. Some examples of marketing and advertising graphic designs include posters, magazines, billboards, newspaper ads, and images used for social media ads and websites, etc.

2. Publication Graphic Design

Just what the name suggests, you can tell that this type of graphic design deals with the print medium. Publications like catalogs, magazines, newspapers, books, and directories are some of the few examples of publication graphic design. Graphic designers involved in this field are often great communicators and organizers. They build awesome teamwork with publishers and editors, plus they greatly understand how digital and printing publication works.

3. Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphics deal with animation. imagery, audio, video, typography, and all other effects. Consequently, these are mostly used in film, television and online media. With the rise of technology and the internet, video content was coronated as one of the content royalties most especially in the digital marketing world. Motion graphic designs are advertisements, promotional videos, animated logos, video games, GIFs, and a lot more.

4. Packaging Graphic Design

Most products require packaging, not just to protect them but to also catch the attention of potential buyers. Product packaging has been considered as a great marketing tool to communicate the brand story and attract customers. From a canister, bag, bottle, can, and container, one can definitely use this type of design to raise brand awareness. People behind this work, however, are most commonly described as a jack-of-all-trades, specializing in several types of skills. Therefore, they are top-notch when it comes to problem-solving and conceptualization, along with exceptional knowledge in industrial design and print.

5. User interface Graphic Design

According to TechTerms’s definition, user interface or simply (UI) is how a person controls a hardware device or a software application. This only means that a great user interface allows a user to naturally interact with the software or hardware and provide a “user-friendly” experience. When it comes to hardware, everything that the user interacts with, including keyboard, mouse, and screen are part of UI. However, in talks of UI graphic design, designers are focused on giving good user visual experience through menus, buttons, micro-interactions and all other on-screen graphic elements. UX designers are working closely with UI developers and UX designers to create mobile, desktop, and web apps, and even games too.

6. Visual identity Graphic Design

This type of graphic design is responsible for creating the company’s brand identity. They specialize in providing creative logos that communicate tone, essence, and personality. Visual identity graphic designers are experts when it comes to communicating intangible qualities through typography, color, shapes, and images.

7. Environmental Graphic Design

As the name suggests, environmental graphic designers enable people to visually connect to places by providing informative or highly-interesting images. They make a place more memorable and easier to navigate. Consequently, these designs include office branding, retail store interiors, wall murals, signages and a lot more.

8. Graphic Art and Illustration

Technically, art and illustrations are not part of the types of graphic designs, however, as they are used commercially these days, they may often overlap. Graphic designers are responsible for solving problems and communicating images for an audience. Illustrators and graphic artists, on the other hand, produce their own original artwork. Some of these artworks include stock images, video games, picture books, graphic novels, concept art, t-shirt design and a lot more.

Graphic designing has never been more popular. Knowing that there are a lot of designers out there, being aware of the different types of graphic designs will give you a huge hint of who will be the right person perfect for your graphic designing job.

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