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Anyone in the digital marketing industry will agree that one of the most challenging tasks in the field would be Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Why? Simply, because the SEO process is confusing itself. Several SEO specialists even define it as an “evolving art form” and an “ever-changing landscape”.

However, there’s nothing we can do but adapt to it, right? So, this 2019, here are some SEO trends you should be aware of before it’s too late.

SEO Specialists

SEO Trends this 2019

Here are seven SEO Specialists hacks you need to know:

1. Remember, this is “Search Engine” Optimization not “Google Optimization”

Because SEO people tend to focus on Google’s algorithm, it has always been a joke that the term should be ‘Google Optimization’ rather than Search Engine Optimization. Although it is partly true since Yahoo and Bing were not as popular as before, but you should realize that we also have Amazon today.

If Google is the “Search King”, then Amazon is the “King of Innovation” and “The Shopping Search King”. This is just a reminder that if you are offering an online product, you need to be friends with Amazon too. The World Wide Web is huge as it is, might as well make the most out of it and use more effective platforms or channels to reach your target market other than Google.

2. Mobile-First Indexing

Since a couple of years ago, you must have taken into consideration how much Google has been continuously requiring each website to increase its mobile-friendliness.

With the advent of mobile devices today, Google announced mobile-first indexing last March 2018. Thus, SEO Specialists should make sure that aside from being mobile-friendly, your site’s mobile page loading speed and mobile UX is also highly optimized.

3. Content is “Still” the King

You might have been one of those people who doubted the magical powers of content. However, for your information, one of Google’s major ranking factors today is still content quality.

4. Link-building

Remember that link-building is and always will be important in SEO. For years it has been recognized as one of SEO’s cores, the most used off-page factor and it must still be for the following years.

5. Not Just Catchy But Also Relevant Images

A blog or article will never be the same without its images. Naturally, images are the first ones to capture your audience and thus, it must be relevant and of course, of high quality.

Plus, SEO Specialist suggests that image search now boosts the mobility of ranking in SERPs, which means it also improves the trust between Google and the users.

6. Use Chat Bots and Voice Search

Chatbots and voice searches are not new to us anymore and if you have a website, you do not want to be outdated. Aside from SEO, you must also try and make use of Artificial Intelligence to engage your audience and enhance customer satisfaction.

7. Never Forget Your Market

Your target market should always be your primary concern. Consequently, you must always ask yourself if you are giving them what they want and what they need. Identify who might need your products or services and learn more about them. Once you are well aware of their common characteristics and you implement the right strategies to reach them, sooner or later, other markets will also find interest in your business.

SEO will never stay put and to make sure you are not getting left behind, you must always check out the trends. Confirm if the same strategies are still working or if it is time to ask for professional SEO services from SEO Specialists.

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