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Information Technology or IT companies are among top of huge companies that let women be employed and do their best on their chosen field. Last March 8, 2016, we celebrated International Women’s Day or also known as International working women’s day. Some of them had the initiative to give importance to the women who are part of their teams and empowered with different appreciations and way of celebrating it.

While most of these IT companies are into giving flowers, chocolates and everything that can make a woman happy from a simple gift, there are also companies who created workshops and programs to motivate women. They talked about how to be motivated in learning self-defense, health and wellness and to value themselves. Some workshops even resulted to encouraging women to work again after months from their maternity leave and on how to stay feeling good about themselves from giving birth. President and CEO of the leading digital imaging company in India Kazutada Kobayashi said that “Canon’s policies and initiatives are in line with our vision to create stronger workforce where women can be leaders just like the way they lead their homes. Women today are superwomen in true sense.” They aim to grow women workforce to 20 % from the current 12% in the next two years.

Women have been the key human resource discussion for some time now at Bosch India. They also implemented some employee-friendly policies like flexi-time working, half day casual leave facility, five days working in corporate department and modified general shift working in plants. Their objective is to address different concerns from work-life balance. Nowadays that life and work of women is causing major illness, stress and depression it should be one of the best thing that they can do to empower women to manage their personal life properly without affecting their chosen careers.

Cisco, which is the major network just recently, launched Project Athena which focuses on being a homecoming project for their former women employees who would like to rejoin work after taking a break. Spokesperson from Cisco said that “We at Cisco believe that we are at the forefront of creating and fueling exponential business growth through an intersection of inclusion, diversity, collaboration and technology,”

Paypal, which is known to be the first among online payments companies, introduced a “Recharge” program. It is a unique six-week pilot program designed to empower women technologists to return to work after their personal career break. Paypal said in a statement that “The program is developed to increase diversity in technology, while also giving individuals who want to return to work an opportunity to expand their experience and network,”      

Hinduja Global Solutions also known as HGS with 32% women employees employed childcare initiative which was tied up with different pre-schools. The children are provided with subsidized schemes and other corporate discounts as part of their tie-up. They also created a team called Internal Complaints Committee in a step towards prevention of sexual harassment at their workplace.


IT companies play big roles when it comes to helping people to get jobs and empower women to be strong and learn on how to value their worth. They are not just into providing jobs for those who are unemployed but they also initiate help for their worker’s growth as a person.

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