More and more businesses are now choosing to outsource their IT related tasks. These businesses are now fully taking advantage of outsourcing IT talents instead of hiring in-house IT employees.

Since businesses have now become aware of the advantages of outsourcing this type of task, the demand for such experts is said to double as of this year. As for both IT experts and business owners, having an in-dept understanding of the current trends and modernisation is essential in the ever growing industry. Below are some IT outsourcing trends to check out this year, 2019:

Cloud sourcing

A lot of businesses have already shifted to using cloud. As a result, the demand for cloud computing is said to continue to increase in the coming years. Companies will also need to use cloud platforms from public sources for data storage. Businesses which are using cloud will require the help of IT experts for their security purposes.

Progressive web app

These are web applications that function like web pages but can also be used offline. It can perform push notifications and can also access device hardware that are only available to native applications. These are also said to be introduced to other types of businesses such as: banking, healthcare and ecommerce websites.

Smart Software

With the succeeding growth on mobile apps last year, this has also moved along with the upgrade of IoT(Internet of things) in the market. Investment in IoT is continuously growing and as predicted in the coming years, it will be tripled.

Core business services

In line with the perceived growth of IT outsourcing, marketers have also predicted that over $220 billion worth of acquired services will be availed in the foreseeable future. As relationships between business owners and outsourced team emerges, it will eventually result to acquiring from non-core to core business operations.

Intelligent Automation

If there’s one thing to be looked out upon in the coming years, it’s automation. Such industries have now been moving towards the use of bots and virtual agents. These technological innovations will be the future of streamlining routine tasks. Businesses will eventually have to invest in the use of Artificial Intelligence and other Robotic automation in their businesses.

This year definitely looks a lot more favourable for IT outsourcing, considering the amount of technological advancements we are experiencing on a constant basis. These trends will also definitely create trust and transparency within the company and its outsourced affiliates. These manifestations will also create a somewhat change globally.