Hiring a software developer can be a bit challenging. You may have the right tools, impeccable vision and high hopes of success. However, if you hired the wrong software developer, the wrong person can turn your business dreams into a grueling ordeal.

Part of being a business owner is strategizing. Sometimes you may need to cut costs, innovate and most of the time, be competitive. One of the best ways to hire a software developer is by considering those who have been referred to you by your trustworthy contractors, those who have already shown you their portfolios and those who are known in your network.

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Things to Consider Before Outsourcing A Software Developer

1. Referrals

When your employees or contractors refer someone to you, it means that it is from a very reliable source. It is mainly because they know your company and they know the things that you need in your company. Consider taking a look at these people from reliable sources.

2. Professionalism

Linkedin is one great source if you are seeking for a professional network. Conferences and seminars may also be of good help. It is much easier to get to know their profession through these given avenues since you can easily see their works, unlike going for the usual interviews.

3. Marketplace for Freelancers or BPO Companies

You may also opt for freelance marketplaces like Upwork, or BPO companies offering software developing services. These people have proven to have more experiences and are more diverse. You may easily ask for their sample works and portfolio to make sure you will be able to hire the best people for your business.

Know that offshoring will give you the benefit of hiring talents who have already mastered the art of diversity. These talents may have worked with different businesses offering a variety of functionality. Another benefit is flexibility, you will have the privilege to hire a software developer anytime you want, you may choose to work with them in a week or so depending on the project’s timeline. Furthermore, this will allow you to save some costs if you were to hire an in-house developer who is still yet to be trained.

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