Team Bonding 2012 (Company Outing)Last 2nd and 3rd of June 2012, the staff of Prime Outsourcing Inc. went to Batangas for their annual company outing. It gave them the chance to bond with one another over the weekend. Games such as human maze, slipper relay and one step were played. In addition, two groups were formed to play certain games where Team BA won the grand prize. Aside from the fun-filled games and activities, they also enjoyed the buffet meals provided to them by the Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort. They also engaged in water and beach activities such as beach volleyball, swimming and snorkeling. They also enjoyed several hours of karaoke singing where various staff members showed their vocal prowess. Despite the cloudy weather and the threat of rains, everyone enjoyed themselves as they took this opportunity to let their hair down and unwind with their friends and coworkers.

Team Bonding 2012 (Company Outing) 2

Team Bonding 2012 (Company Outing) 3