Perhaps, you are one of those millennials who’s just starting to look for a career and got a little interested in the mention of websites. If not, you could also be a business owner who is currently confused about who you really need for your website job. Reading random blogs and articles will give you a hint about how the industry works but you might end up getting more puzzled. More importantly, as you encounter the terms, web design and web development, you will probably assume that they involve the same work and the same people. And to tell you the truth, they aren’t, so here are just some facts to straighten things up.

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Comparing Web Design and Web Development

Web Design and Web Development are not synonymous. They may be interconnected and one person can be an expert on both ends, but it is still highly important for you to know what makes them different from one another.

Web Designing entails expertise in:

  • Color and Typography
  • Mobile-First Design
  • Layout and Navigation Principles
  • Wireframing and Prototyping

On the other hand, Web Development needs core skills such as:

  • Javascript
  • JQuery/Javascript Frameworks
  • WordPress<

Which of the Two Are You Looking For?

The Web Designers

One thing that you must take note of web designers is that they are called “designers” for a reason. These people basically work under the creative team. They design, plan and envision the overall look of a website. Web design professionals do not deal with codes instead, use every bit of their brain cells and creative juices to come up with the perfect site layout, complete with the right fonts, color palettes, and themes.

The Web Developers

After the web designers have completed the website design concept, the spotlight will be transferred to the web developers. The developers will be the ones responsible for building the web design concept using different software such as JQuery and Javascript. However, web developers are still divided into three types the back-end, the front-end, and the full-stack developer.

    • The back-end developers deal with the “server-side”. They are highly concerned about how the site works, changes, and updates. As a user, you will never see their efforts in the browser because they deal with the servers and the databases. They are usually called programmers, the ones who always worry about content management, structure and most of all, the security of the site.
    • The front-end developers, on the other hand, are the ones who work on what you can see on the website which involves the designs and languages like CSS and HTML. They execute and accomplish the designs planned by web designers.
    • The full-stack developers as you may have guessed, are the ones who can both handle back-end and front-end work. They are of course, more in demand since they can offer expertise in both fields of work.

It’s a normal thing to get confused about this topic. Now that you know their distinctions, it will be at your advantage as you know which of the two you are really looking for.

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