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For Web Designers, starting and planning a website is never easy. Determining the needs and wants of your customers is one thing and trying to appeal to the search engines is another.

If you use search engines too much, you might end up disappointing your potential users and vice versa. There are too many variables to consider, from brand colors, animations, and fonts, to user-flow, page performance, videos, photos, button designs, texts, copy, and a lot more.

All of this is a part of improving your overall user experience design, however, you should never forget about SEO too. To be successful with your next website, you need to find the common ground where you can make the most out of the two of them. So, here are pieces of advice from web designers.

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1. “The customer is always right.”

This marketing phrase also plays a great role in web design. Whether you are working on a new project or you are redesigning a website, your customers should always be on your mind.

As part of the Web designers group, think about the goal of your website and how people will use your website to find and get what they need. Will your website focus on selling, informing, and establishing your brand authority or others?

You will be able to come up with the user flow of your website once you have a clear goal in your mind. The user flow is very important as it can increase the number of visits to your site, which often leads to some rewards from the search engines.

2. Your Site Structure

This is one of those successful web designers hack. Although you might not find much of the importance of site structure in ranking algorithms, you must be aware that this helps search engines and users in finding your content. Once the user lands on your website, they must instantly find what they are looking for. As they start navigating from your homepage, they should get into a logical journey and find their goal at the end of it.

As smart as search engine bots can be, they still have a limitation when it comes to discovering a website’s content. You need to build a great link foundation free from broken or buried links. To make sure that your design has a chance of ranking in the search engines, your site structure must be perceptive for the users and effortless for the search engines to crawl.

3. “Quality over quantity”

When it comes to providing content for your website, always remember that quality is better than quantity. What is the sense of making lots of content if they will not be useful for you or to your users? Plus, you should also be updated on the fact that SEO marketing today is not just about keywords, it also requires fruitful and quality content.

Keep the needs and wants of your target audience in mind and create content out of them. Do not limit yourself to writing blog posts. Create videos, infographics, and other media to introduce your brand and benefit your users.

4. Manage Your Photos, Images and other Media

Images alone can already attract attention, thus you should make the most out of it and make sure that it is highly valuable on your website. Users will judge its usefulness by looking at the image itself, thus, remember that search engine has their way of recognizing these media.

Search engine bots need a title, a description, and an alt text to rank them and suggest them on relevant pages. Plus, another thing that you should take note of, is the sizes. Edit and resize your images accurately because it can also affect your site speed.

5. Maintain and Secure Your Website

Security will be always on top of the list of people’s concerns. Thus, you should always maintain and secure your website. A site that looks old, outdated, and slow are some obvious signs of an unsecured website, hence you should avoid these qualities.

Do not leave your website unattended and make sure that your site uses an SSL certificate. With this, you will be able to gain trust from your users and even from Google.

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Web designers have really tons of things to take into account when designing a website. Thus, knowing some simple tricks to please both users and search engines will truly pave the way to the success of your website. However, if you think that you need some professional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. PrimeOutsourcing has a bunch of web experts who can help you with any of your web dilemmas. Leave us a message today!

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